Day #126: Ciaotou Sugar Factory

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August 5th 2013
Published: August 18th 2013
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North of Kaoshuing is a derelict Sugar Factory that was one of the first built by the Japanese when they took over Taiwan. Situated in a nice part of the city, and has been developed into an recreational park, but in an interesting way: outlying buildings have been converted to galleries, cafes and studios, but there has been no attempt to convert or preserve the main factory complex beyond putting in a few walkways for visitors, so it has become rusted and ramshackle (the old machinery rattles creepily every time there is a breeze). It must be a great site for a film or photography shoot. There were few visitors so it was especially bleak and eerie, though there is an attempt to cheer up part of the site with some comical figures made from recycled machinery.

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