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Asia » Sri Lanka January 6th 2015

Sri Lanka couldn't be more different to Dubai. From high rise opulence to Indian ocean island existance. Our flight out of Dubai was delayed by fog -so Brian had 6 hours in his seat instead of the planned 4. He coped but was pleased to get off. Everything went to plan on arrival - our driver Chandrika met us and we drove through Sunday night throngs of people who were out on the streets celebrating a special day in the Buddhist calendar and listening to the rallying cries of supporters for this Thursday's Presidential election. My first reaction was why are there no street seemed so dark and warm. It was 28 degrees and very humid. There were some lights from enormous television screens on roundabouts...showing videos of the President seeking re-election. What our H&S ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo January 5th 2015

So here we are again! 2 month trip around Sri Lanka to make up for my distinct lack of adventuring of late! Arrived in Colombo at 4am, planning to just get an airport taxi, but after asking at the info desk turned out the buses should start around 4.... Decided that was a little more adventurous and had time to kill before check-in anyway. Just out the main road to the left located a bus.... Constant 'no bus, no bus' on the way out.... Back in asia :) stopping, starting, honking, shouting wound our way towards Colombo. Happy to be back out again even if I had been up for hours an hours! Arrived in a bus stop at 5am still pitch black... Pointed me in the right direction, picking my way through people unloading huge ... read more
Fort - Colombo
Bus Yard Cricket Match

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo January 3rd 2015

It was a long journey from Alicante to Colombo. We spent the best part of 24 hours on planes and in airports, changing in both Madrid and Doha (Qatar), before we emerged bleary eyed in to the humid heat of Sri Lanka's capital. We then pre-paid for a taxi to our hotel which avoided so much hassle. We had chosen the Best Western in Colombo for our first three nights simply because they had a great deal on offer and we needed somewhere comfortable to recover from the journey! $50 a night turned out to be a bargain looking at other options and we even got a free breakfast on arrival as we had a few hours to wait for our room to be ready. The rooftop bar where breakfast is served has wonderful views over ... read more
The view of emerging high rise Colombo
Countdown outside the new town hall

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Pinnawala December 18th 2014

Since I was a young boy I have always been fascinated by elephants. On trips to the zoo I would go and see them first before the other animals. As I grew older I came to realize that these great beasts of burden were being exploited to make money for man. I could give many examples, but since this page is for travel reviews, and not a forum for airing my protests I will just write about our trip to the elephant orphanage So when we were in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) in October 2010, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go see how they were taken care of at this orphanage. We were staying at Sapphire Hotel in Colombo and hired a car with driver through the front desk. The ... read more
Pinnawela, Sri Lanka
Pinnawela, Sri Lanka
Pinnawela, Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy December 17th 2014

During our stay in Colombo we decided to take a trip to Kandy which is the second largest city in Sri Lanka. Actually we had already planned to travel to Kandy, and when we arrived in Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka, Lily our Sri Lankan friend advised us to reserve the train tickets at least a day in advance. Somehow or other, mainly due to our hectic schedule we failed to book the tickets and went to the Fort railway station early in the morning to catch the morning train. Much to our dismay, we found a long line in front of the ticket office. Actually the line extended to the street outside! Anyway, we decided to wait it out and try our luck. The line moved inch by inch, and when we finally got ... read more
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo December 16th 2014

Contrary to popular belief, Colombo is not the capital city of Sri Lanka. The capital is Kotte a satellite city located beyond the Colombo city center. However, Colombo is a busy and vibrant metropolis and still remain as the commercial, industrial and cultural capital of the country with its mixture of modern life and colonial-era buildings. I was in Colombo the first time in 2008, but only in transit and saw the city for a couple of hours only. Then in October 2010, my friend and I decided to go there as part of our Sri Lanka/India trip. We booked on SriLankan Airlines but our flight was delayed for over two hours at Bangkok airport, so we arrived in Colombo much later than the scheduled time. However, the good service received on board the plane somewhat ... read more
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna November 27th 2014

So I'm all packed and ready to go! I can't believe I've managed to fit everything into one rucksack. I'm so excited that on Saturday I'll be in Thailand with Ed! On Friday I had a group supervision session with 3 counsellors who work in Sri Lanka. This was a chance to ask questions about anything we wanted in relation to our work or Sri Lankan culture in general. It was also a chance for people to deal with any frustrations they had about Sri Lanka and a good way to end the placement. We discussed lots of interesting things including our frustrations with how women are viewed in Sri Lanka. Lots of people have said they feel like women are often treated as second class citizans. Unfortuntaley there have been quite a few cases of ... read more
Christmas gifts
Christmas social

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna November 24th 2014

Hi everyone We have just spent 2 wonderful weeks in Sri Lanka. For a small island it sure packs a big punch - palm fringed beaches, luxuriant rainforest, misty mountains and tea plantations. There's also a superb array of wildlife and amazing collection of Buddhist monuments dating back over 2,000 years. Due to our limited time here we chose to explore the central highlands (hill country) and enjoy a few days at one of the southern beach resorts. We arrived into Colombo, the capital, on 10 November and spent 2 nights there. It's a sprawling city stretching for 50km along the western seaboard and is home to around 3 million people. The fast pace, noise and traffic polution felt like being back in London, however, it's an interesting place and worth a day of 2 on ... read more
Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo
Cinnamon Garden, Colombo
Botanical Gardens, Kandy

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy November 19th 2014

I think the past week has been one of my best weeks in Sri Lanka so far! Last week at one of my projects a woman came up to me and said "titanic titanic titanic" while pointing at my phone. I played her the song 'my heart will go on' and she wanted to dance to it. We ballroom danced all around the ward and I was getting really into and doing big hand gestures while singing my heart will go on and she was copying me. When the song finished she then requested 'shalala lala' by the Venga Boys. I'm not sure where she learnt these songs!? For the rest of the two hour session we danced to these 2 songs repeatedly and I was SO hot and sweaty, it was probably the best workout ... read more
Elephant Orphanage
Temple of the Tooth
Botanical Gardens

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa November 15th 2014

Hikkaduwa is the perfect place to set up camp in South Sri Lanka. Peace and quiet this quaint little town provides affordable accommodation and easy connectivity to the more touristy places around. I would highly recommend you to shop in Hikkaduwa as its amazing prices will come and haunt you later :) Its been more than a decade that Tsunami ravaged this beautiful town and its sweet people. Sheer perseverance and hardwork has restored it to its former glory. As I did last time I will try and break the post in relevant sections so that you can consume as much as you like 1. Websites: a. Wikipedia: For the history and stats buff. I thought this might help if you are doing serious background research. b. Lonely planet:... read more
Hikkaduwa beach
Galle fort
Egg puff

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