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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Unawatuna October 15th 2014

So for the last week I've been really ill. Last Tuesday I had to half a day off because I had horrible fluey symptoms and an ear infection. I went to the doctors and I ended up seeing an ear surgeon and was prescribed 5 different medications (bit of an overexageration I thought) and it only cost £3! The next day was a poya day which is a national holiday for the full moon and everyone had the day off so I had a chance to rest. I was fine on thursday and friday but was ill for the whole weekend and had to take another day off work this week! I am still feeling coldy but have been back at work today. At the weekend some of my friends climbed adams peak which is a ... read more
Market in Maharagama
Railway tracks in Maharagama
Main street in Maharagama

Asia » Sri Lanka » Eastern Province » Trincomalee October 6th 2014

I have been in Sri lanka for a month now and am officially a resident here! I got my visa extended on Friday. We are starting to act a bit more like residents as well. I won't get in a tuk tuk (three wheeled taxi) now without considerable bargaining. Its quite funny how stressed we get about an extra 50 rupees which is actually only 25p. One day we got to play how many people can you fit in a tuk tuk and the answer is 6 (they're only made to take 3) so that was a bit of a squish! This weekend we headed up to Trincomalee which is in the north east of Sri Lanka. We hired a mini bus to take us. Google maps estimated it would take 4 hours to travel 268 ... read more
Saree Party
Pigeon Island
Saree Party

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Anuradhapura October 1st 2014

I've had such a hectic weekend and current week that I feel like I don't know where to start. Last weekend 5 of us decided to travel round whats known as Sri Lanka's cultural triangle and includes some of the main things to see in Sri Lanka. On Friday afternoon we traveled up to the ancient city Anuradhapura which took around 6 hours and we stayed in a cute guest house with a lovely Sri Lankan family. Early on Saturday morning we hired bikes to cycle around the ancient city. We saw lots of temples and ruins and statues. My favourite thing we saw was the Bodhi tree. The bodhi tree was a tree in India where Buddha attained enlightenment. The tree in Sri Lanka is an off cut of the original tree and the original ... read more
Minneriya National Park
View from Sigiriya Rock
Sigiriya Rock

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Hikkaduwa September 23rd 2014

Its the start of my third week in Sri Lanka and I'm starting to feel like I actually know whats going on. I am more comfortable with taking the public bus and finding my way around. I also know about 15 words in sinhalese which is useful but I need to learn more because I end up using the same words over and over. This weekend we went to Hikkaduwa beach. It was so nice to chill out and relax after 2 extremely busy weeks! We stayed in a lovely guesthouse that was literally on the beach and the views were amazing! (I will try and attach some photos.) On both nights we went out for a meal and we were all very excited to eat western food! We then went for drinks in a really ... read more
Hikkaduwa Beach
Hikkaduwa Beach

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo September 16th 2014

Today has been a day of firsts! I began the day by crossing the road on my own for the first time! Sounds simple but the traffic is crazy and I was previously only crossing the road by hovering near a local and waiting for them to cross! Secondly, I taught my first English lesson. I was told last night that I wouldn't be teaching today but assisting another volunteer with her lesson. However, when I turned up at the bus stop this morning the Sri Lankan co-ordinator who was taking me and another new volunteer turned to us and asked us if we had a good lesson plan ready! We were a bit shaken up but luckily we had some ideas from lessons we are teaching later in the week, but we didn't have a ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo September 11th 2014

Ayubowan everybody! This is the first word of Sinhala I learnt and its the polite way of greeting people. Often accompanied by putting your hands together and bowing your head. So this is my second blog post. Not going to ramble on too much because I'm in an internet cafe and I'm not sure how much its costing me! Its my fourth day in Sri Lanka and I've been craaaazy busy! I'm not allowed to say much about the places I'm working so this blog will be mostly about my life outside of work. I can say that I'm working at 8 placements that involve working with people with special needs or mental health problems or I'm teaching English. This week has been training and observing but next week I will be thrown in the deep ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Hatton July 25th 2014

Lonely Planet: “Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, killer surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous tea, flavourful food - need I go on? ” My answer is YESSSSS!This's my first time to sri lanka. Sri Lanka also called Ceylon, is no exaggeration to say that she is a pearl in the Indian Ocean. She next to India, so many customs and eating habits are very similar with India; while also close to the Maldives, a lot of backpackers, will stay in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka abounds sapphire, she has the world's largest sapphire. They also abounds Topaz, hardness is weak, but very cheap, very beautiful, like crystal. Sri Lanka has two of the most beautiful train line, which is a section of the coast, is said to be "Spirited Away" sea train prototype;Another ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka July 21st 2014

Tak a dneska je mi čtyřicet let. Na den přesně. Opět jsem vytáhl oproti silným protestům Jakuba naše dvě Gemmy z mládí - tento pocit mám velmi spjatý s očekáváním něčeho nového. Brzo ráno jsme ještě rezervovali Student Agency bus do Prahy a studovali jak jezdí 119ctka z Dejvic na letiště... Ve 13,30 z Brna, plánovaný příjezd do Prahy 16,15 a odlet po19 hodině s Turkish. Už se na ně těším, jejich palubní servis je skvělý. Je mi moje natěšení kazí Jakub, který se viditelně trápí strachem z dálkového letu a vůbec pobytu na Srí Lance. No uvidíme, snad se dokáže uklidnit a otevřít se novému. Asi trošku z horkého letiště u Colomba a místnímu chaosu nedostane šok. Pokud ano, snad jej zmírní fakt, že jsem kvůli němu a jeho klidu najmul auto i s řidičem. ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka June 5th 2014

04/06/14 At sea. During the day we will maintain a West South Westerly course across Bengal Bay. The Bay of Bengal, the largest bay in the world, forms the Northwestern part of the Indian Ocean. Roughly triangular in shape, it is bordered mostly by India, and Sri Lanka, to the west, Bangladesh to the north, and Myanmar, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the east. The Bay of Bengal occupies and area of 2,172,000 KM2. There has been a bit if unsettling weather the past two days, with rain yesterday and a slight swell. The swell is minimal though similar to slight turbulence as of in an airplane. 05/06/14 Colombo: On our approach into the harbor I was standing on deck 15 admiring the view, and noticed a lady next to me with Rosary beads ... read more
Colombo taxi
School boys
Colleen at temple

Asia » Sri Lanka June 4th 2014

03/06/14 At Sea. Lachlan’s birthday today happy birthday mate. Today we will maintain a South Westerly course across the Andaman Sea towards Bengal Bay. The Andaman Sea is a body of water to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, south of Myanmar, west of Thailand, north west of Malay Peninsula, north of Sumatra, and east of the Andaman Islands. The Andaman Sea is part of the Indian Ocean. Today at 10:00 a.m. the ship will be conducting a piracy drill routine. Broadcasts and alarms will sound from the bridge. Passengers are to head to their staterooms, prop the doors open, sit as far inboard as possible, and listen to instructions from ships personnel. All sounds pretty exciting to me, I have even noticed the ships side has fire hoses placed in position ready to thwart ... read more

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