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January 17th 2006
Published: January 30th 2006
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We headed east and up into the hill country in the second week. Starting with a safari in Yala National Park (just out of Hambantota). We did see monkeys, birds, buffalos, deer, monitor lizards and a family of Elephants. The fact that most of the family had to be woken up when the guide found the elephants maybe speaks for how long the safari was, or maybe it was because we had to start at 5am!! Nevertheless we saw real live elephants in the wild. We then headed to Nuwara Eliya, which was freezing (for those of us who had acclimatized to Galles “usual” temperatures).

Another early start to avoid the heat and mass of tourists. The Rock is surrounded by this amazing fort surrounded by moats, etc. We started to climb without much trouble, the track was very well kept, paved most of the way, with stairs put there in the 1800s by the British. The climb wasn’t the bad thing, but made me realize where I got my fear of heights from, as we started to climb a spiral of stairs. I was freaking out with other family members (not specifically mentioned), while Murray seemed very calm. We got to the top and managed to block Mum from the ever so helpful locals, who were looking for generous tips from tourists. Murray and I managed to use our limited Sinhala to get the point across.

We saw some Kandy Dancers, then the Temple of the Tooth (you only get to see the box that the tooth of Buddah is in, not the actual tooth). Then Pinnewela Elephant Orphanage. We watched a feeding, then had a very expensive photo with an elephant (while Miriam worked out what she should have said to the man in Sinhala, all set now if anyone trys that again!! Pity it’s a tad too late!) Then the elephants headed down to play in the river. This was definitely a highlight. Then went for an Elephant ride, finally.

We then headed back to Colombo for some last minute shopping, before our last supper. Then Murray and I managed to get up at 3am to say our final goodbye to the family before they flew out.
Loved having you guys here. Love you heaps and hope you had a lovely time 😊 M & M

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Ella or “Little England”.Ella or “Little England”.
Ella or “Little England”.

On the way to Nuwara Eliya.

At the top, we made it!
Herbal tour.Herbal tour.
Herbal tour.

Which included a free massage (nothing is ever free). But all enjoyed the massages, except Dad, who held on very tightly to his cameras and insisted that taking photos was more of a priority.
Miriam and Murray.Miriam and Murray.
Miriam and Murray.

Some enjoyed it more than others, lucky I had my sun glasses on is all I can say!

30th January 2006

A wonderful experience
Good to see you found some photos where my eyes are open! Next time we must plan less early starts! Thanks for the great trip, it was really good seeing you again and where you are living now. In your next blog you should put in some pictures of the traffic - it was unbelievable.
30th January 2006

The reason I do not have my glasses on is that they dropped off between the elephant's feet!!!! However she avoided standing on them and I retrieved them undamaged. It was a truely wonderful experience well worth the effort and money.
30th January 2006

Have at last found the time to read through your travel blogs,,, all the way back to the begining of your amazing adventures. We are full of admiration (and a little envy!!). As you know our past working enviroment history all I can say is 'how come you get to work in such a beautiful place????' Great reading. Keep it up.
30th January 2006

weird hedgehog things
The 'weird hedgehog things' are actualyy the Indian porcupine (Hystix indica), found from Israel through to South East Asia. When born, the quills are short and soft (bet their mothers were grateful for that) but Sarah was lucky - they have caused tiger fatalities by getting their quills stuck into creatures that got too near.... (amazing what you can look up on google isnt it!) I do enjoy your webblogs so keep em rolling. Love heaps, Tim.
31st January 2006

I'm sitting here trying to look at all the photos and Marcail is bugging me saying 'click on the porcupine picture, click on the porcupines Mummy'. So I finally click on the porcupines and what do you call them - oh yes - wierd hedgehog things!! Looks like you had a great time with everyone. Very very envious. Lotsa love, Erin =)

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