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January 1st 2006
Published: January 27th 2006
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The famous BBQ.The famous BBQ.The famous BBQ.

Surrounded by the boys.
We combined my birthday with a New Years Eve Party. We decided that rather than subjecting our guests to our “not-yet-refined” Sri Lankan cooking skills, we’d have a good old fashion Kiwi BBQ on our roof. Easy and simple, yet effective. This also meant less standing over a hot stove in a very hot climate, and as it was my birthday as well it suited me. So Murray started looking for a BBQ. Our options seemed to be a small rectangular thing about 1 meter off the ground and big enough for maybe 20 sausages, and a round thing similar in height that could probably fit 8 sausages, both particularly unstable. So Murray decided to build one. This turned out to be rather interesting, consisting of many shopping outings, with various bits of things congregating by the front door over the couple of days prior, a new drill appeared, and even a late night rescue when the scooter decided that it had too much extra weight. But true to his word Murray had a BBQ made and working by New Years Eve. We had lanterns and lights set up on the roof, and it looked great. Friends chipped in on bringing
Miriam and Joy.Miriam and Joy.Miriam and Joy.

24 no longer, now officially a quarter of a century!
salads, and needless to say all the boys congregated around the BBQ and loved it. We had a great night, and showed truly what a good Kiwi BBQ is like back home (minus the mussels).

Findlays Galle Holiday.
My family (Miriam) visited us for 2 weeks. The first week they stayed in Galle with us. They looked around the fort, visited Hikkaduwa beach, Unawatuna beach, silk factory, tea factory, fruit shopping, jewellery/gem shopping, turtle hatchery, etc, etc.
We had a great time, unfortunately Galle decided to rain monsoon style. The sky opened up and dumped a heap of water onto the innocent sunbathers, swimmers, and sand castle makers at Unawatuna beach. Luckily the closest hotel was the one we stayed at when we first arrived. So the majority of the group politely smiled at the security guard on the gate, hoping to be recognised, and then scrambled into the dinning room, with the rain coming in from both sides. Meanwhile Mum casually kept swimming in the ocean, and two of Dawns kids kept playing in the sand like nothing was happening. Mum also turned heads as our friends were surprised she was a keen body surfer/boogie boarder.

Additional photos below
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Sarah modeling her Christmas present.Sarah modeling her Christmas present.
Sarah modeling her Christmas present.

With the very talented seamstress (a friend of ours).
Hikkaduwa Beach.Hikkaduwa Beach.
Hikkaduwa Beach.

On one of the sunny days.
The kids at the Lady Hill Hotel for lunch.The kids at the Lady Hill Hotel for lunch.
The kids at the Lady Hill Hotel for lunch.

This is at the hill top café, that has 270 degree views of Galle.
Miriam holding a turtle.Miriam holding a turtle.
Miriam holding a turtle.

This is about the 8th time I had to pose for this photo. Not impressed, the camera has a very slow shutter speed :)

27th January 2006

Sarah - you look fabulous in blue darling!! Hope youre wearing that number at home in NZ! AGAIN great to see pics, you both look happy. Thinking of you, Kez xx
27th January 2006

We had a great time over there, very different, but thanks for organising everything so well Miriam! She's a great host if anyone is thinking about visiting. Oh and thanks Kez, yep looking for an event to wear it at - maybe this year's Law Ball!
28th January 2006

Happy B'day by the way....good to see u celebrated in style! I'm guessing none of those turtles made it onto the barbie... ;)

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