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February 15th 2016
Published: February 25th 2016
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Our Sri Lanka Adventure over the Chinese New Year 2016 The Chinese people are expected to travel back to their homes over the Chinese New Year. This is the largest migration of people at any one time, and it makes for interesting travel. Flights must be booked at least 6 months ahead of time, train tickets sell out and hotels are full. Sri Lanka, prior to 1972 known as Ceylon, lies just off the ... Read Full Entry

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Temple of the ToothTemple of the Tooth
Temple of the Tooth

Supposedly, the temple houses one of Budda's teeth. It is the largest and most sacred temple in all of Sri Lanka.
Royal ElephantRoyal Elephant
Royal Elephant

This is the most revered elephant in Sri Lanka. He carried the tooth twice while in service. He passed away in 1988 and his remains were stuffed and placed in a separate building adjacent to the Temple
Head MassageHead Massage
Head Massage

The girls were treated to an amazing head massage by the workers at the Herbal Spice Garden.
Elephant RidesElephant Rides
Elephant Rides

During the tour at Sigiriya traditional village tour we saw this elephant ride but chose not to have one.
At Sigiriya we visited Lion RockAt Sigiriya we visited Lion Rock
At Sigiriya we visited Lion Rock

The 5th century King Kashyapa had a Summer Temple on the lower level and a Winter Temple on the top of this rock. When water ran out on top, they moved to the Summer Temple.
The Hike Up to the Top of Lion RockThe Hike Up to the Top of Lion Rock
The Hike Up to the Top of Lion Rock

The hike was gorgeous and challenging. We were all able to keep up to our guide that does this hike once a day. The monkeys kept us entertained as we hiked.
The Hike Up to the Mirrored  The Hike Up to the Mirrored
The Hike Up to the Mirrored

There was a line of school children, all dressed in white, experiencing the hike to the top of Lion Rock. The line-up to the path up to the mirrored wall. A wall with over 1000 verses and good wishes.
The Protection RockThe Protection Rock
The Protection Rock

The rock/boulder sits, apparently ready to be tumbled down on an attack on the upper palace. It waits and has been waiting since time began.
The Base of Lion RockThe Base of Lion Rock
The Base of Lion Rock

Just a 1/3 of the hike to go. This is the bottom part of the upper section. Check out the lion paws! Man was it HOT!
On Top of the WorldOn Top of the World
On Top of the World

Here we are, on top of the Sri Lankan world. This was what was left of the King's throne overlooking the countryside.
360 Degree View360 Degree View
360 Degree View

What a great view of the Sri Lankan landscape from 'on-top of the world'.
Cobra RockCobra Rock
Cobra Rock

Another naturally occurring rock formation called Cobra Rock. A place of worship.
Mud BricksMud Bricks
Mud Bricks

Lulu tried her hand at making natural mud bricks. The worker makes 400 a day to ensure his job.
On the Boat/Ferry On the Boat/Ferry
On the Boat/Ferry

Near the mud making is a lake. We are paddled around the lake on a boat fashioned out of 2 traditional boats fastened to planks for the boat bed. It was crude but it worked.
Lunch Being RepairedLunch Being Repaired
Lunch Being Repaired

3 village ladies prepared a delicious meal out of all the local foods; fish, coconut, peppers, rice, cucumber salad, rotti and more...delicious!
Outside the Kitchen/Dining RoomOutside the Kitchen/Dining Room
Outside the Kitchen/Dining Room

We were given directions on how to make the roof part of the cabana....because women do everything including the building of roofs.
A Bullock Cart and OxenA Bullock Cart and Oxen
A Bullock Cart and Oxen

The oxen are used by the farmers in the rice fields. This one got to pull a cart with some of the tourists. Yep, that's Leah.
A ReservoirA Reservoir
A Reservoir

This reservoir provides water for the local needs. You can see the trees still standing from where the flooding of the area took place.
Dambulla Cricket StadiumDambulla Cricket Stadium
Dambulla Cricket Stadium

We were not allowed to enter.... but Jimmy has played at this stadium and persuaded the guards to let us have a look and marvel.
Caves of DambullaCaves of Dambulla
Caves of Dambulla

A Golden Buddha greeted us as we approached the hike up to the caves. The military has spent much man power to develop and restore the caves for use and tourism.
Statues of Monks Statues of Monks
Statues of Monks

The statues of monks line the crest of the hills that naturally occur in Dambullla. We begin our climb to the top where the caves house elaborate buddha statues and designs.

25th February 2016

Sri Lanka
Wow what an adventure you had! Love it!

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