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July 14th 2013
Published: July 24th 2013
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This is just a brief note for those of you who have been reading our blogs regarding Central/South America, Fiji and NZ, and are wondering why our newest blog suddenly flies off at a tangent to Sri Lanka.

Well, the short of it is that we got so far behind in publishing the blogs, that we actually arrived home back in the UK before we had a chance to finish them off. Life and work then got a hold of us and we eventually found it almost impossible to keep posting before eventually surrendering to day to day life. We actually have quite a lot of blogs that we still hope to post from our time in NZ, and one day I hope to actually getting around to putting them up here, even if it’s just for my own sense of achievement.

So, why are we in Sri Lanka?

Basically, we had to return to the UK for various reasons after our 11 month trip, and we made a vow to start work, get saving and get back on the road as quickly as possible. The time frame of 6-8 months seemed unrealistic, but after some research, working out some costings and having recounted various stories and tales from travellers from our last trip, we decided to head back to Asia. Having been to SE Asia on a previous trip in 2005, we decided this time to head for Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. This way we could try sample everything from the beach to the mountains and everything in between in one 6 month trip. We would also get to try our favourite food from the source as well as sampling new cuisines from Sri Lanka and Nepal too. Add that to some potential surfing, yoga, trekking and wildlife spotting, we felt we had the makings of something rather special.

This will be the last long trip that we do for a while at least now, and so we are hoping to make it one to remember. We will miss everyone back home as usual as well as missing some very important events amongst our family and friends, and for that, we are truly gutted. However if this last year or so has taught me anything, it’s that life in all of its amazing glory can be spectacular, but can also be very cruel and downright heart-breaking. It is for that reason that we have decided to follow our passions, trust our instincts and listen to our hearts and travel around a small section of this amazing planet once more.

Dad – this one is for you x.

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24th July 2013

Welcome back on the road...
I'm looking forward to reading your blogs. Please finish the blogs from your last trip to NZ, etc.
13th May 2014

Hey guys!
Hi! I just started following your blogs..albeit a bit late lol, but I was searching for some good blogs from India and Sri Lanka as I will be doing 3-4 months there and wanted to say thanks for all the great info you put in ur blogs!! Buen Viaje!! Hope you guys can get back on the road again soon! --Greg
13th May 2014

Cheers for your comments Greg. Glad you found the blogs useful! Still haven't finished these yet but since being home it's difficult to find the time. Enjoy the road and Feliz Viaje!!

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