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February 12th 2020
Published: February 13th 2020
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Here I go again !

Last summer I was telling my travel agent I hadn't had any brain waves about where to travel in 2020 .I know there are many places I want to sèe in Europe that is not a location for a winter holiday . Then , at the seniors book sale , I purchased the EyeWitness Top 10 in the World To See and discovered that Sri Lanka was the only one I was missing in Asia . Then Gadventures had a sale on their tours and Susan found me a very reasonable flight fare . So , here I am.

The flight was long . Regina -Toronto and a 10 hour layover . I took the train into the city , had lunch , walked a great deal and ended up spènding several hours at the Bata Shoe Museum . An interesting place .It begins with a history of shoes and as I worked my way through I was nodding at the references they were making . I realized I had bèen to most of the places they mentioned . Cairo , Greece , Burma ,Morocco, India , China , Ukbekestan and the Silk Road ,Istanbul, Rome . I knew what they were talking about and had seen the places they were showing photos of . I guess I am a travellor !

At 8:30 I boarded the plane for a 15 hour flight to Mumbai .I had packed blowup devises , ompression kneehighs ,snacks , a change off clothes , reading material ...anything I thought might help me cope . It went well ! I had forgotten to put the socks on at the airport and struggled to put them on in the plane . I managed but after an hour or so my toes were hurting and I realized I had them on wrong . I redid them and all was well . The 15 hours went well . Supper and a movie with a bottle of wine , sleep for 3.5 hours . A snack of hot samosas half of a another movie and then sleep for 3 hours . Finish the movie while having breakfast read a while and I arrived in Mumbai .

I do not know what the real problem was but I had to wait nearly 2 hours to get a hand written boarding pass and through security into the airport proper . This was after midnight their time . The place is huge and all the stores were open and people were eating , shopping and putting in time and the thought of any of those things was not appealing. I made my way to the proper gate and read and snoozed until boarding time .

The Sri Lankan plane was a wreck ! My seat was broken with a pillow in the gap , the seat back in front of me was nearly all ripped off but the attendants were beautifully dressed and a hot meal was served within 20 minutes of taking off . And then I fell asleep .

I arrived in Colombo at 5:30 am Feb 12 and my evisa did its job . I found an ATM , ignored the taxi touts and found the taxi union counter and booked my cab . 2600 rupees +300 for the express toll . About $24 Canadian for the 30 minute drive into town and then the 30minutes it took the driver to find my hotel . The check in time is 2pm and they had said if there was a room available I could get in at 11 but I lucked out and they let me in at @7 !, Woohoo , a shower a bit of horizontal time and a change of clothes and I was ready to check out the city . I wasn't ready for the temperature of 32 degrees with humidity but there was nothing to be done about that .

The hotel got me a tuktuk to go,to the National Museum , 80 rupees @75cents .And I spent a very pleasant , although not air conditioned , 4 hours there . A beautiful complex of many buildings several stories each . It was a good introduction to all things SriLankan .

The heat is really intense . I am glad I have a few days before the tour to adjust to it and to the time change (12 1/2 hours ) . I rested a bit in the Afternoon and headed out again to check out the Fort area which is where the European settlements /commerce built . . BIG buildings but my attention had waned .

I found a grocery store near my hotel bought some diet coke , a banana and yogurt ate and took some melatonin and slept nearly 10 hours . Hopefully I'll do the same tonight .

This morning I did a 4 hour city bus tour and it was good . Colombo is a sprawling city of 1.5 million people .. There is construction going on everywhere and it is both noisy and somewhat polluted . The streets are clean though. Soon I will head out again to explore some more. . One does not need 3 days in this city but getting adjusted to time and temp are worth it to me .

Enough for now . I hope I haven't bored you . I promise to write more about the people and observations in the days to come . I hope all is well with you and yours.


13th February 2020

Well there you go again; off on another adventure. I look forward to your posts. Safe travels.
13th February 2020

So glad that you made it after such Looong flight! Looking forward to reading more!
13th February 2020

Bon voyage
Here she goes. Have a nice trip.
13th February 2020

Such an adventure!
How exciting, Pam! I, on the other hand, am probably NOT a traveller: the description of the flights and the waiting and finding the right place to be exhausts me. On the other hand, it is -28C here this morning, and I had to add air to my car tires 'cause the cold leaked it all out, so there is that. We are "patiently" waiting for warmer weather (supposed to be only -11C when we go home today). Enjoy!
13th February 2020

Great update and narrative of a long jouney
Great update and narrative of a long jouney
14th February 2020

To the Amazing Traveler
Wow Pam, Happy Valentines and Happy to see you made it safe & sound. The shoe museum in Toronto sounded great, may have to check it out someday. So happy you got to check into the hotel earlier than you thought, I am sure the shower and horizontal time was welcome. I am sure you did lots of homework and checking out the Museum did give you an additional introduction. The population numbers makes me think of our trip to China, huge cities with so many people. The fact that you mention construction must mean that their economy is doing okay. I know nothing about SriLanka but will check out some of the sights you will be seeing. Stay cool and enjoy. D
15th February 2020

Following your trio will be exciting!!!
So far, I have enjoyed your descriptions. Keep them coming. Weather has been good, a few cold days, then warmth and back and forth. Looking forward to spring. I was at Sabinas funeral and thought you you might attend. About 30 O'Neill people were there,a good visit.
15th February 2020

Experienced traveller
Yes,Pam ,you really know how to plan a trip. ...apart from the contortions putting on socks in a plane seat that is. Good idea to go into TO while awaiting your connection. Last September,Mike and I visited the Shoe Museum during our week there. Fascinating. Hope you adjust to the climate soon.
15th February 2020

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