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August 8th 2018
Published: August 8th 2018
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Local neighbourhood, Galle Road
Today was a working day, so not too much to report. More curry for breakfast, it was so good I was nearly moaning out loud! The mutton curry was a bit tough but hey, I’m not complaining. And I was sitting in a MUCH better position to put my illegal lunch in my handbag. Result!

A taxi had been booked for my colleague and I and arrived more or less on time. Apparently the traffic wasn’t too bad, it took about 20mins to go the 5km to the centre. The cost was 460rupees, more or less. A kind of receipt was produced on a random bit of paper the driver found on the floor of his cab. Good enough! At the end of the day I was finished first, so decided not to wait. The taxi was waiting, and had been there a while before the 4.25 time I’d asked for. I got in and the meter read 384 rupees. As it was my first solo journey I wasn’t sure what the score was. It didn’t feel good though. Then 50 metres up the road, me watching the meter like a hawk as it continued upwards, the police stopped the

The usual films are on here
taxi. Yay! I love those policemen! I sat in the back for a minute or two feeling like an idiot, watching the meter go up to 407, and I was going nowhere, so I got out with my bag. That got the driver’s immediate attention! A metered tuktuk swooped in. The driver was quite polite, madam, madam, just one minute. I said, 400 rupees are on your meter, hopped into the tuktuk and insisted on him zeroing his meter. What fun, as we weaved in and out of the traffic. Here in a trice, 232 rupees. I took a photo of the meter for my expenses, fingers crossed that it’s ok! Now I have a tuktuk app called Pick Me, you get an email about your journey so it feels quite safe and I’ll try it tomorrow. It works like Uber, which is also a possibility here. I asked the hotel and they said the meter on a taxi should be 50 rupees at the beginning of the journey.

At the hotel, I decided to pay my bill up front so went and waved my credit card at them. Unfortunately to remove the huge block on it may take

Tuktuk with meter. Half the price of a taxi but no receipt.
7-14 days. And I insisted that I will pay in cash if I use any of the restaurants. They agreed, but weren’t super happy about it. So if you come to the Cinnamon Grand you need to make sure you have enough credit to pay your room bill twice over, and expect to be severely low on credit for up to 2 weeks after you leave. I feel a Tripadvisor review coming on, once I’ve finally left.....


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