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Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle April 22nd 2017

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Sri Lanka, your search is over! They are all located without a shadow of a doubt in the Tangalla area. The water’s so blue and when the sun shines above, the ocean turns emerald and turquoise. And there’s a beach for everyone. The Tangalla coastline conceals secrets beaches and coves. There are kilometers of soft sand where you can walk for hours and not see a single other tourist (Rekawa Beach), stretches where turtles come lay their eggs at night, or simply more popular beaches with fun and convenient little shacks that serve grilled fish, curry and cold drinks on the sand. We found great accommodation at Peacock Family Stay ( right by the Rekawa Lagoon. We seriously had the entire beach to ourselves. We could see a ... read more
at Dikwella
30 min from Tangalla

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle April 2nd 2016

Tavel south to via Puttalam to chilaw for a very enjoyable stay with couchsurfing host Roshan and his dear mum; a lovely home in a pleasant town. 03/04/16 I venture back 10k north to Anawilundawa and charm myself someone's bicycle for an enjoyable morning roll around the lesser known listed wetland. Very pretty and pleasingly heavy with birdlife, I return to Roshan's house until after a tasty lunch and head on my way via Kurunegala to Kagalle for a nights stay. 04/04/16 bus to Pinnawala and swing by to learn more of the nearby millennium elephant foundation (slightly construed ethics - essentially a heavily funded elephant riding park lol ) then after lunch dodging the mammoth entrance fee wonder down & watch the Pinnawala herd bath in the river. I bus south onto Ratnapura, 05/04/16 enjoy ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle February 18th 2015

During the Shanghai winter I had been a bit overzealous in planning our trip. While well intentioned, it came back to haunt me in the end, as several hotel reservations made our itinerary less flexible. For this reason, our route in southern Sri Lanka became slightly awkward: we first visited Tangalle for a respite at the beach, and then found ourselves retracing our steps back to Yala National Park. To get to Tangalle, we took a taxi from Ella; a journey of just under two hours. We descended from the hill country back into lush paddy fields and finally the windswept southern coast near Hambantota. It was there that we traveled down the empty highway, a special project of former president Rajapaska. The coast was largely unpopulated here, just a scattering of houses and occasionally a ... read more
Yala sunrise
Kataragama dagoba
Happy wild elephant

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle February 11th 2015

På forrige hotellet vi bodde på kom det en gjest til... Dette var en far med to jenter på 8-9 år, mor skulle komme etter endel dager senenere. For å si det sånn... Hele hotellet bar preg av at han var alene med jentene. Det var sko, klær, Ipader, kosedyr, badetøy, håndklær og leker over hele hotellet. Han var ikke noe bedre selv, klørne hans lå igjen ute, joggeskoene sto ved sofaen i 1 etg. Slippersene i 2 etg., mobile og IPad lå slengt på spisebordet. Han ga veldig uttrykk for at han så frem til mandag da skulle hans kone ankomme... Men tru hva hun syntes om at alle deres eiendeler var spredt rundt hele hotellet? Hun ville kanskje ikke bli så veldig imponert :) I dag har vi forflyttet oss til God karma hotel. ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle November 10th 2014

I am now three quarters of the way through my placement in Sri Lanka! In some ways it has gone so quickly but it also seems like ages ago that I was on the plane here. Projects went well this week. My favourite one was a special needs project where we did children's party games with them. We played pass the parcel with forfeits inside that encouraged them to be active such as "do 5 star jumps." We also did egg and spoon races, pin the tail on the elephant and musical chairs. After lots of running around we did a craft activity where they all made crowns to wear. It was a really good session and everyone engaged with the activities. On Thursday we had the day off because it was Poya day (a Buddhist ... read more
Chilling in a hammock On Tangalle beach
Driving a tuktuk!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle February 10th 2014

When you live in the jungle you have an obligation to share it with the wildlife. I got into my bed last night with my head torch on and saw a 2" cockroach up on the inside of the mozzie net. Needless to say it had to be transferred to its own quarters, outside. The mini ants were a different case due to the shear number running up and down between the back of the mirror and the washbasin carrying soap. I had to surrender and accept their presence with grace and humility. However, tonight I realised that they were using the exact same path to and from the mirror, bumping into each other when going in opposite directions. I wiped across the track with a tissue and they were totally lost and went haywire going ... read more
Water buffalo
Myna bird
Water lilies

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle January 3rd 2014

After Yala we visited Bundala, a national park comprised of wetlands bordered by another protected beach. A perfect spot for some bird watching. I wanted to see a Eurasian Hoopoe, a beautiful red bird with a black and white striped tail and a black crest and I did! Matt was most excited by the eagles. But after two days bouncing around in a safari jeep we were ready for some beach time. Tangalle was one of the beach villages we saw on our way to Yala. From the road it looked spectacular and it's been written up as a great place to hang out with 8km of golden sand beach to walk. It was really hot when we arrived so we checked into our guesthouse and headed right to the water for a swim. It is ... read more
Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater
Mangrove Lagoon

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle November 23rd 2013

Sooo - In my last blog - I mentioned that Barry wasn't feeling 100% and that he had a cough… Well I MADE him go see a Dr as it sounded like it was getting deeper into his lungs…. We asked the owner of our guesthouse, Arman- If he could recommend a good doctor in Galle… well not only did he recommend one, but he drove Barry to to the Dr. and waited for him! How is that for hospitality… We were hoping for just an address and we would catch a Tuk Tuk. The owner is Sri Lankan, but has a German wife, so they spend time between Sri Lanka and Germany. This is the third time that someone has gone above and beyond for us this trip… In our guesthouse in Bentota, they offered ... read more
Church window in Galle Fort
Galle Fort
Church window in Galle fort

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle July 22nd 2013

Next stop - "Back of Beyond - Kahandamodara". Arriving here, we settled in for our next couple of days. During this time, we took a boat ride around Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary (sure are a lot of birds in this country), watch fishermen bring in their early morning catch, went for a bike ride along the country roads, visited Ussangoda National Park, happened upon a "Full Moon" Parade (part of a Buddhist full moon celebration) and went late night turtle watching (seeing a giant sea turtle lay her eggs). We continue to enjoy the food and culture of this beautiful country.... read more
Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary
Kahandamodara Lagoon
Bringing in the Catch

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle March 11th 2013

4-8th Mar – Beaches, birds, turtles, and whales. Today we went whale watching and saw an enormous blue whale. The tale was the size of me (1-metre). I was glad I wasn’t in a smaller boat because it was so rough (people were sick). The boat smacked up and down and we got soaked. The blow holes sprayed water everywhere. Jonathan Turtle hatchery – Laying - 300 eggs each year, Growing – the eggs grow in sand for 64-days, Hatching, Surviving – it’s hard to survive because fishermen take the eggs and sell them to eat. Jonathan Twitching– birds we saw at Bundala; all 4 types of egrets, pelicans, green bee eaters, blue bee eaters, Indian darter, godwits, plovers, fish eagle, sea eagle, storks, and stilts. My favourite birds there were the bee eaters because they ... read more
Turtle Hatchery
Rip Tide
3 Heads

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