Published: May 10th 2014
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So it was time to depart and head to my next location. As usual Lala and I chatted, he pointed out various things along the way, flora and fauna, birds etc and of course I nodded off along the way.

About 30 mins before arriving at the new hotel we stopped off to check the timing of the safari 2.30pm which gave me time to settle in the hotel, use the wifi and get some lunch.

Also along the way we stopped off for a tambil. This is a yellow coconut which they top off and you drink the juice out from a straw. Then then cut it open and you scoop out the flesh. Lala said it was very good for you and very refreshing. He parked on one side of the road and crossed over and went back a few yards to the vendor and brought me back a tambil. I have to say I didn't really like it, so when he went back for his I poured some away. He came back and had drunk his and it had been cut open. I was struggling to finish mins so Lala finished off mine and offered me his opened coconut so I could scrape out the flesh. Again I didn't really like it but had to eat it to be polite. Both the juice and the flesh were rather bland but had a taste to them which hard to describe but may be there was a metal type after taste to it.

After the pit stop we headed to our next hotel. This one was again set in gardens over looking a lake. Apparently I had been upgraded and had an amazing room with a lake view although it was somewhat obscured by trees and bushes, but still it was a lake view lol.

So I head down for lunch and to use the internet which yet again was only available in the lobby which didn't have an AC but fans. Very hot and sticky and humid again. As too was the restaurant which seemed rather large when there was only me eating.

After lunch I got myself sorted for the safari and watching elephants in the wild. I was not disappointed.

We took the 15 min drive back to the waiting jeep. It had seats setup high on the back of it, enough for 6 people and a guide. So Lala and I climbed in the back armed with his books on birds, reptiles and other animals etc.

So the driver headed towards the national park again and along the way we came across an elephant near a lake which liked to,hang around there as she knew she would get fed. Locals sell elephant food so you can feed them. We just slowed down and I took a photo Or two. We also as water buffalo wallowing in the water.

We pulled into the national park and picked up,one of the park rangers who needed to accompany us And then headed into,the park. Immediately we came across an elephant wandering across the red clay coloured road. wow! I was so excited and took loads of photos. They are such wonderful animals and so cute too.

We carried on round the park and Lala pointed out the various birds including peacocks and pea hens, parakeets, eagles, herons, minor birds, king fishers, wood peckers and a whole host of other birds native to Sri Lanka. We also saw foxes, a jungle cat, spotted deer, land monitor, water buffalo and of course elephants! Old ones on their own, young ones, males and females, a small group of them protecting a baby about 3 months old, how cute was he, and a larger heard of 30 or so. I think altogether we must have seen 100 plus elephants on our journey through the park.

Lala was telling me about the difference between African and Sri Lankan elephants the ears are a different size and one has 4 toes and one has 5 but I can't remember which way round it is, and how long it takes a female to carry her calf - 22 months!

We were in the park for about 3 hours in total, unfortunately we got caught in a rain deluge and had to drop the sides down in the jeep as we were getting soaking wet! Luckily it did stop after a while and we got out at one point some could wander around and take some photos.

I did take loads of photos, and had to tussel for the best spots on occasions as there were other safari cars with visitors travelling around and I have to admit it was quite busy. Luckily imhadctaken most of my photos when my camera died - rookie mistake 307don't leave home with a low battery in your camera lol.

On our way back we could see how much rain had fallen and pools of water were every where and streams had formed. The elephants we saw during the rain looked really sad and we also saw a bird of prey sitting in a tree looking rather wet and bedraggled bless him/her.

So it was a successful trip to the wild life park and I loved seeing all the wildlife but especially the elephants. I feel very privileged to have sen them in the wild going about their daily business as if we were not there. Such amazing creatures.

We then dropped off the park warden and headed back to the car, at a pace! I think the driver wanted his tea and a beer lol.

Then it was back to the hotel and 4 course meal! All the weight I lost in India is going back on here in Sri Lanka! With fruit and toast and eggs for brekkie, and this morning bacon too! I shall be a chubby checker when I leave.

One more day to update but I will do that tomorrow as i have a very early start in the morning off to see the worlds end.

Night all



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