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January 22nd 2007
Published: January 22nd 2007
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So folks this was the spider that we found in week 1
Hi everyone, well last weekend what can I say, the White Water was fantastic, really enjoyed that but I have to admit after bashing my head on the jeep door and giving myself whiplash (still haver a stiff neck) and concussion I decided not to climb the 4000+ steps to the top of Adam's Peak, well can you blame me, the others left at 2.15am to get there to see the sun rise and yes from their photos it did look amazing, but hey seen one sunrise seen'm all that's what I say hahahahaha.

So it's Monday and I pop out to buy more paint and post some parcels back to the UK, should've known it was a bad idea when they made me open the packages in the postoffice incase they were bombs!!! Well I can understand how they feel but I love you all loads and would not be sending horrible things back. Anyway 40 minutes later when at last I left the post office, having had to attach the postage things with glue to the parcels, don't ask let's just see if they turn up, special delivery should be 3 days, more like 3 weeks, they may just arrive home before I do hahahaha

Anyway that's not the best thing, got back to room to find Tina madly trying to kill loads and I mean loads of cockroaches, we had at least 40 at one point (no exaggeration) they were on the walls and cupboards and the floor and even my bed, but after packing our bags and insisting on being moved we have been rehoused in the teacher's house which is better, at least there are only two of us sharing the room now hahahaha. I can laugh now but to be honest I was crying earlier, I'd had enough and was ready to catch the first flight out. But I'm a Brand and we Brands soldier on (although sometimes I wish we could just curl up somewhere and forget the world).

So jsut a short one today and Tracey there aren't any photos yet I'm holding you all in suspense but hopefully tonights the night.

Bye for now, more later this week.

P.S. thanks to my family and friends for answering my SOS can't wait for the parcels. xxxxx

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Barnaby Kangaroo at AdamBarnaby Kangaroo at Adam
Barnaby Kangaroo at Adam

Hello to all the children in Year 2 at St. Joseph's Primary School on Canvey Island in the UK

24th January 2007

Sending big hugs
Esther sweetheart have just read your week three blog and want to send you a hhhhhuuuuggggeee hug. It's hard for us all to think of you so upset and so far away but i'm glad you have moved rooms. Hopefully you won't have to share with too many creepy crawlies. We are all so very proud of you and know that you are finally doing something that you have dreamed about for so many years. Keep having fun. I look forward to your next instalment - can we have a piccie of your whole face next please?????????? Maria xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2nd February 2007

doble family
hi how are you doing you ok ?i am but are you love you lots
4th February 2007

Hi love all the new photos everybody loves my giraffe i took him for show and tell when i asked the children to guess what had arrived in the post they all guessed ( i have them well trained they all know i love giraffes) Please send some photos where we can see you properly glad the diets going well will we recognise you when you caome home. We love you and miss you Lolo says she's not missing you and you missed her wedding callums telling her not to be nasty lol speak soon lots of love The Bigdens

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