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Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa August 14th 2018

R: Polonnaruwa was a 90 minutes drive from Kandalama. We started the day with another Sri Lankan breakfast - hoppers, dhal, curries and bread. Mmmm. Then we hit the road. Polonnaruwa is an ancient city that was used by one of the kings of Sri Lanka as a capital when Annurhadpura became indefensible against the South Indian attacks. When this happened, they also had to move the sacred tooth relic which a new temple being built to house the tooth of Buddha that has been revered in the country for centuries. First stop - the visitors centre. Now we have learned that Ranjan doesn't like museums - perhaps because he wants to tell us all of the information himself. Perhaps he is worried that what they will say will be different to his version, or maybe ... read more

We left Kandy not feeling like we were short changing it with our limited time there. The only thing we would have added would have been to get out into a tea plantation, though if we’d been more planned it turned out we could have fit that in too. It was Sunday, and we were heading up to the ancient cities. Our hotel said the first bus to Polonnaruwa on Sunday didn’t go until 9am. We didn’t believe this we thought they'd start earlier but not wanting to take the chance of losing sleep for nothing we decided we’d be at the bus station for 8:30am. We whizzed there in a tuk tuk and had no problem finding the right bus. Ours was somewhere down the back of the station but Sri Lankans are really helpful ... read more
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Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa January 7th 2018

Woolly says – Someone, mentioning no names, came up with the bright idea of moving areas and catching a train to get there, what could be wrong with that I hear you ask, well nothing except it meant a 3.30am get up! Two of us in the party, again mentioning no names are not at their best at times like that, well unless I’m still partying from the night before! At the risk of two grumpy companions I thought it worth it and having got everyone up if not quite awake our prearranged taxi arrived on time to speed us to Colombo Fort railway station. Woolly says – I had thought the station would be empty at a silly time like that, but it was swarming with people trying to buy tickets and find the right ... read more
Sleeping or Recling Buddha
Entrance to the Vatadage
Isn't he cute!

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa November 17th 2017

Nas rytir v bezove dodavce se dostavil podle planu a vyrazili jsme na vylet do Polonnaruwy a Dambully. Aby nase plany nebyly uplne ustalene, tak nas presvedcil, ze lepsi bude poradi prohodit. Budiz... Dambulla je klaster, ve kterem je asi 150 soch Buddhu ve svatynich pod skalnim previsem, z nichz nektere jsou fakt stare. Ale at jsou stare jakkoliv, tak se lisi asi jako ceny nasich mobilnich operatoru. Kosmeticky. Takze treba jedna sada Buddhu ma zdvizeny ukazovacek na prave ruce, zatimco vedle stojici socha ma zvednuty i malicek. A to nechtejte, abych zabihal do podrobnosti o tom, jak se lisi konstalace prstu na leve ruce podle stoleti vzniku. Zajemce odkazu na sestisvazkove pojednani Gestures of Buddha: During the centuries od slovutneho W.H.O. Givesadamn. Takze zazitek. Jo, a v te jeskyni vymalovali i stropy, i kdyz castecne ... read more
Dambulla - exterier
Dambulla - zlaty Buddha
Polonnaruwa - kralovsky palac

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa September 9th 2017

Day 5: Saturday 9 September - Anuradhapura – Polonnaruwa- Sigiriya This morning after breakfast we left Anuradhapura for the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. Polonnaruwa was the capital of Sri Lanka from 11th to the 12th centuries and is a well preserved city of stupas, frescoes and statues. Southeast of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, which was the media eval capital of Sri Lanka, and the ancient city is today one of the most beautiful centres of this island’s cultural heritage. When early in the 11th century AD Anuradhapura suffered one of the worst of its many Indian invasions, Polonnaruwa became the next of rule The second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms, Polonnaruwa was first declared the capital city by King Vijayabahu I, who defeated the Chola invaders in 1070 CE to reunite ... read more
Army students at Polonnaruwa
Elephants near Polonnaruwa (12)
Elephants near Polonnaruwa (21)

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa September 7th 2017

Glyn and I caused quite a stir with the many stray dogs of Sigiriya this morning. It was 5.30am and they weren't expecting tourists to go walking down the road, so every single dog either barked or howled. The residents of Sigiriya must have loved us. The manager of our lodge was perturbed, the Rock wasn't open yet. We explained that we were off to photograph the sunrise; she looked bemused and just warned us to be careful of wild elephants. 'What?!' I said to Glyn, 'that would be awesomeness!'. No. It would be extremely dangerous, I was told. We walked to within view of Sigiriya Rock and waited for the most unimpressive sunrise ever. And to cap it off, no wild elephants, well, not yet... Thuminda arrived at our lodge just after 6.45 to take ... read more
Sigiriya Rock
Stairs at Sigiriya Rock
Lions paws and stairs at Sigiriya Rock

Pour ce blog, j’ai regroupé les photos des 3 sites historiques majeurs du nord du Sri Lanka. C’est ce que les spécialistes appellent le Triangle Culturel ; trois destinations envoûtantes et primordiales si l’on veut mieux connaitre et comprendre le Sri Lanka. Dans l’ordre, le plus petit site de Mihintale est un endroit saint fréquenté par de très nombreux pèlerins car c’est ici, au IIIe siècle avant J.C., que le roi Dewanampiya Tissa se convertit au bouddhisme après avoir rencontré Mahinda, le disciple de Bouddha venu d’inde pour répandre la doctrine pacifiste de son maitre. C’est en mémoire de cette rencontre que le premier stupa du Sri Lanka fut construit sur le merveilleux site rocheux de Mihintale. Le grand stupa domine la jungle des collines environnantes ainsi qu’une petite cité monastique (beaucoup d’anciens temples millénaires en ... read more
Gorgeous little Mihintale
grosse cérémonie à Anaradhapura
4 statues taillées dans la paroi de granit

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa January 24th 2017

24th Jan Well it's rain again and we were travelling on to Polonnaruwa. Apparently you normally see deer, wild elephants and all manner of wildlife on this route. We saw a bedraggled peacock and a large monitor lizard, everything else was hiding due to the rain! Despite the weather we decided to try and visit the Somawathiya Temple, apparently not many tourists go there as it was another hours drive from Polonnaruwa but as it was tanking down it was that or sit in the guesthouse so on we went. I was so glad we did! Sajith convinced the guards to let us park really close by instead of in the normal car park - this lad has the gift of the gab! So armed with the brolly we set off. The temple was the usual ... read more
Somawathiya Temple
Somawathiya Temple
Somawathiya Temple

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa January 11th 2017

We left Lake Lodge at about 9.30 am and set off to the old medieval capital of Ceylon. Polonnaruwa was declared the capital city of Ceylon by King Vijayabahu I. Polonnaruwa became the second capital city of the country in 993 after the destruction of Anuradhapura. Whilst driving along Basil told us about some of the history of Sri Lanka. For example that an old name for Sri Lanka was Serendip. The name comes from the Tamil word Ceralamdivu, which in Sanskrit is Simhaladvipa and in Persian Sarandīp. Parts of Sri Lanka were under the rule of Tamil kings for extended periods of time in history. Kings of Kerala, India (Cheranadu), were called Ceran Kings and divu, tivu or dheep, which means island. The island belonging to the Chera King was called Cherandeep, hence Sarandib by ... read more
Royal Palace in Polonnaruwa
Ancient Loo in Polonnaruwa
Kumara Pokuna - Twin bathing Pools

Asia » Sri Lanka » North Central Province » Polonnaruwa November 3rd 2016

Day 4 After a slightly frustrating evening stuggling with the Internet, we finally managed to post a blog, but we only had a later start, so we weren't in any rush. After breakfast, Indy met us at 9.30, brolly in hand, as it was trying to rain. As a precaution we had both rain jackets and the brolly (this is the London 2012 one that the waiters in King Coconut had tried to swop with me, as they had taken a great fancy to it)! Today was mostly going to be spent touring the ruined temples of Polonnaruwa, mostly Buddhist, but some Hindu. The first stop was to buy a ticket and look round the museum, which had some interesting artefacts in it, but rather oddly none of the text referenced the images that they had ... read more
Kings Palace
Indy outside the Kings bathing area
Council chamber

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