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Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya March 5th 2019

Our short visit to Jaffna over, we headed back down south. Saman relaxed immediately, but continued to stay well under the speed limit. We stopped for a buffet lunch at a resort hotel. It was relatively cheap, with a great range of food, and a pleasant break beside the resort pool. We were to spend the next three nights in the area around Sigiriya, one of the prime tourism destinations in Sri Lanka. After lunch we stopped in Habarana and booked a safari into one of the parks, hoping to see some elephants in the wild. We enjoyed the safari but wouldn’t do it again as there were too many jeeps. We did see elephants, four or five groups of them, including cute baby elephants. The jeeps must stress the animals and one elephant did charge ... read more
Jerry and I on the top of Pidurangula
Unplastered reclining Buddha on Pidurangula
Buddha feet, Pidurangula (Little Lion Rock)

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya February 28th 2019

Today was another long & hugely memorable day starting with a 6 am 15 km cycle to Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress with a royal palace perched atop. The early start was essential to beat the normal rush of tourists & pilgrims on a virtual single lane staircase. Arriving at the site is a stunning visual of a massive granite outcrop that emerges from lush greenery at lower levels to a citadel that dominates the whole surrounding skyline. The once impregnable fortress firstly passes a series water gardens before 1200 stairs needed to reach the top. Half way we passed some incredibly beautiful rock wall frescoes that somehow have survived centuries of neglect while undiscovered. The entrance to the almost vertical final 200 mtr hike to the top was once guarded by an enormous rock carved ... read more
The only entrance
Climb towards the frescoes
Spiral staircases up & down

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya September 18th 2018

We were picked up early in the morning by our driver, who then began to take us on the 2 hour trek towards Habarana, where we would spend the next 2 nights in a tree-house just outside the town in the jungle. Exciting right? On the way our driver (who seemed to want to make amends for the erratic driving the day before), took us to Dambulla’s Cave temple. Not advised for elderly or unfit, as we found out when one middle aged overweight woman had a bit of a tirade at her husband for scaling the cliffs at such pace. It’s a very steep climb. Once again Monkeys surround the cliff face. You must walk the temple barefoot so after depositing our shoes, and discovering that the rock face at 11.00am is really, REALLY fucking ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya August 13th 2018

R: We started this trip in a way we were not accustomed to - a sign board in the airport with our name on. For the next 8 days we are being chauffeured around Sri Lanka by our trusty guide, Ranjan. We had had an overnight flight from London with Srilankan Airlines - a perfect opportunity to start the day with a spicy breakfast, and this was a sign of things to come. After accidentally misunderstanding the use of a decimal point in the currency, and subsequently ordering £1 in cash from the cash machine, we left the airport (*another transaction was also made after holding up the line for about 10 minutes). It was a 4 hour ride up to Kandalama Lake, our first stop. The drive was eye opening - and made me consider ... read more
The view....
At the lion's paw
Exploring the ruins up top

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya July 23rd 2018

The key part of our Sri Lanka plan was to visit the ancient cities in the centre of the island. Polonnaruwa was the capital in the 11th to 13th centuries. The ruins are now part of an archaeological park which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Our plan for the day was to see the park and then head out of town to Sigiriya. This meant another early start, both to fit everything in and to beat the forecast 36C heat. A lot of people hire bicycles as the park is free from cars but it’s only a few kilometres in length so we agreed on our guest house’s recommendation to be dropped by tuk-tuk at the far end and walk back through it. We had breakfast at 7am and then headed out when the ticket ... read more
IMG_ (165)
IMG_ (173)
IMG_ (178)

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya June 4th 2018

I went back to the hostel and met my two new roommates, Victoria and Deepali, friends who are travelling together. We decided to go out for dinner and we ended up back at the Garden Café due to the fact that it was the only place within walking distance to the hostel and because I was still thinking fondly of my lunchtime curry and I wanted to sample their other offerings. This time I ordered the vegetable kotthu, a Sri Lankan dish that I had never tried before made up of thinly sliced roti, vegetables, and curry, all hacked together to create a delicious, spicy mash-up. The making of the kotthu is a show in itself with the man behind the counter chopping away with his two cleavers in a distinctive clattering rhythm on the sizzling ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya January 19th 2018

"“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop 12th January 2018 So it was in at the deep end today with a long drive from Negombo on the West Coast through to Sigyria, a small town in the Central Province – some 4ish hours. The children have already bonded after an afternoon of pool fun so no colouring books/dot to dots/ stickering was required on the ride on our mini-bus, complete with a/c and even wifi, that will accompany us throughout the two weeks. By now all feelings of “WTF have I done” have vanished. Travel Hannah is back with a vengeance! Triangular mountains, clad in palms and bamboo rose up out of the paddy fields as we cut northwards inland. Arriving for a BBQ lunch at The Hideout , we sated ourselves on an extensive selection of ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya November 18th 2017

Rano jsme opet porusili mistni zvyky a pesky(!) dosli do Shalikovy restaurace. Pry se tam chodi koupat sloni. Tak jako urcite. Ale stejne musime pockat do 13:00 na objecnane safari, tak proc ne tam. Takze co myslite, ze jsme po prichodu videli? Uplne realneho koupajiciho se slona! Uplne unreal az na to, ze to bylo real. Sice byl plne domestikovany, jeho pasak(?) byl hned na brehu, ale proste tam fakt byl. Pak prisel Shalika, donesl nejaky meloun ci co a postupne jsme si chodili slona pohladit, vrazili mu meloun do chobotu a celou dobu se snazili nespadnout do bahna. Coz jsme vsichni plus minus zvladli. Pak najednou prisel jeste druhy pasak a s nim dokonce i druhy slon. A kdyz potka slon slona, maji radost oba, o nejmenovanych turistkach z Evropy ani nemluve. Pasaci zacali slony ... read more
Smecka slonu
Hejno slonu

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya November 16th 2017

Letos jsme chteli Asii. Proc? Protoze je in, jde nahoru a byl tu uz kazdy druhy nas znamy, takze uz nemuzeme byt tak out. To by nase imidz neustala. Jenomze Asie je trochu velka, i kdyz to na mapach tak uplne nevypada. Takze kam? Prvni volba padla na Filipiny, dovezt Andrejce nejake pivo a ferneta. Ale kvuli bezpecnosti a faktu, ze tam Andrejka uz neni, bychom vlastne nevedeli, co si s tim pivem v Manile pocit. Ferneta bychom nejak operativne vyresili. Ok, hledame dale.. Vietnam? Jezdi tam ted kazdy, Vietnamce zname z prazskych vecerek, takze bychom to dali. Velmi usilovne nehledame letenky. A pak jsme prekvapeni, ze jsou za 16000+. Coz je pry moc. Ale podivejme, na Sri Lanku jsou jen za 13000 a jsou tam pry i sloni. Sice budeme mit oproti hipsterum asi 5 ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Sigiriya November 16th 2017

Kdyz jde clovek spat o pul pate, tak se nemuze divit, ze se mu nechce vstavat. Coz se da pochopit u nas starsich, ale ze podobne problemy bude mit mladez typu Mirky nebo Aly, to uz je podezrele. Po snidani a zjisteni, ze jeste nejsme v provozuschopnem stavu, jsme sli jeste na chvili zahrivat postylky. Potom jsme se ale jiz vydali na vylet. Pocasi nam pralo, bylo letni vedro, na obloze ani mracek a pro nase promrzle kosti z ceske zimy to byl pomerne sok. Pomerne zahy jsme zjistili, ze tu budeme za celkem velke exoty, protoze Srilancani/Srilani/Srilankajove pesky proste nechodi. Takze vynalezy typu chodniky se tu moc nevedou, clovek tedy musi vzit zavdek alespon hlinenou krajnici. Meli jsme vyhlidle misto k obedu, ale to pro jistotu zavrelo, takze jsme pres ulici zapadli do mistniho bufetu. ... read more
Sigiriya z Pidurangaly
Sigiriya z Pidurangaly
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