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February 21st 2013
Published: February 22nd 2013
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19th Feb - Today we went to Polonnaruwa where there were temples and monuments. We saw a Royal Palace, which was more than 800 years old. We cycled round all the temples and monuments, which took about 3-hours. It was a huge place and I saw lots of statues of Buddha. You weren't allowed to put your back to any of the statues of the Buddha, and you had to take your shoes off before you went into the temple. Also there were lots of monkeys. We saw one eating an ice-cream! At our guest house there was a frog in the shower and a big spider on the ceiling! Then we went for a walk and a lady invited us into her garden. She was really friendly, and said that the elephants came into her garden. They grow lots of vegetables in their gardens. Sophie

If you wanted you could have a blessing (at the Hindu Temple also on site) and have some paint blobbed on your forehead. Jonathan

.... and the last word from the parents. Average daily temp is in excess of 35degc. Between us we are drinking 6-8 litres of water during the course of the day. Late Monsoon storms break the heat in the afternoon and the down pour is spectacular, you are guaranteed of a refreshing drenching. Animals seen whilst wandering the streets include; water monitor, iguana, frogs, turtles, tortoise, palm and giant squirrels, mongoose, macaque and languar monkeys and of course the ubiquitous elephant.

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