Saying Goodbye to the Turtles

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March 4th 2019
Published: March 4th 2019
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On Friday I said goodbye to my last day working with the turtles. I've had an amazing time with such impressive animals and am so grateful to have been able to learn so much. Although it's been sad to see the life the disabled turtles have to live whether they were born that way or it was the cause of human activity, I'm very impressed with the work the conservation does and the over 1,000 baby turtles they've released into the sea to bring up the population. My last day consisted of giving a spa day to all the turtles! We used sand as a natural exfoliater to clean off all the algea buildup on their shells. I also got to sign my name on the volunteer wall of everyone who has contributed to the project. I definitely won't miss chopping up fish first thing in the morning, but I'm sad to leave my little green friends behind and all the wonderful people I've met during my stay. After the project I went with a group of volunteers down South 40 minutes to a city on the cost called Galle. It was colonized by the Dutch way back when so it has a lot of old white money and was so beautiful. It didn't feel like I was in Sri Lanka anymore with cobblestone streets, old forts, and European style buildings. I even got to eat homemade Italian pasta for dinner which was a nice mixup from all the rice and curry I've been eating. I have loved my time on the beaches of Sri Lanka, it's been so beautiful and relaxing, but now I've moved up into the jungle to Wasgamuwa National Park to start my adventures with the elephants. I've just had my orientation yesterday and it sounds like very busy and hard work, but extremely rewarding as well. I start my first day on the project today so I'll keep you all posted on how it goes!

Kaitlyn <3

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