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February 17th 2013
Published: February 17th 2013
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16th Feb - I am writing this at our lodge as 50+ monkeys pass through the garden. It was another start to an amazing day.Today we went to the town, it was so busy. We went into the local market. It was where all the local people went to buy their food. Everything was so fresh; fruit, meat, spices, vegetables. Traders wanted us to try and buy. We bought some mangoes, one only cost 20p.

In the evening we went to a traditional dance show. I really like the masks and the fire walking finale.


Today I went to the market in a stuffy bus. When we got there, there was lots of fruit, veg, spices, and lots of disgusting meat like cow guts. After we went to a lake where I saw a monitor lizard. It was bigger than a fully grown cat. There were lots of turtles in the lake too.

When we finished the walk we went to a wacky hotel, "Helga's Folly", where I had a glass of squeezed lime.

A few hours later, I went to a cultural show where I was sick (disgusting details).

When I was having my fish curry dinner my tooth fell out (some blood), and I put it under my pillow.



18th February 2013

What were the disgusting details?
23rd February 2013

Let's just say the only container available was Jonathan's baseball cap. Still, it did get the two blokes out of some rather suspect ethnic dancing, not a patch on The Gallopers, although we did miss the fire walking at the end. Thankfully all are well at the mo and we put J's sickness down to heat at the beginning.

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