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February 19th 2020
Published: February 20th 2020
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Time is moving quickly ...as it always does when one is travelling . It is already day 5 and the group has jelled and the days events are starting to blur .

We are 13 plus our guide which is a nice number . 8 women aged 24-68 (and myself of course ) and 5 men all in their 40,s . There is a group of 4 from Turkey who have holidayed together for many years .They are interesting ....

As a group we toured a bit in Colombo before heading out to Negombo . A one time fishing village that is now also a holiday / beach Mecca with tourists from all over the world . We did a boat tour of the Dutch CANALS that had been built to drain water from inland fields during the monsoon peri9ds as well as to provide a way to transport goods.. We also spent time in the lagoon and in and around the mangrove area where much of the sea life live and procreate . I liked it there . A lot of birds and monkeys!

Day 2 we were on the road for a 3 hour drive to the Sigira Rock UNESCO heritage site . It is a HUGE rock /citadel that was the home of kings 100's of years ago . They actually do not know much about it but if one is willing to climb the 400 stairs the are rooms , terraces , murals , rock carvings... I was somewhat willing and did @100 steps before the heat and humidity did me in . And that is okay . The hotel pool , air conditioned rooms and dining room were a welcome way to spend the evening .

The next day we visited a Buddhist temple that is the oldest one in Southeast Asia . Although filled with images there is a peaceful feel and the people who pray there appear very devote. For lunch we enjoyed a homestyle meal of curry and rice . Standard fare here. .One has rice and an assortment of vegetable curries with either a fish or chicken curry as well . It is really good . Lots of flavour and a bit of heat but so far I have managed . Things are usually served at room temp which is probably wise given the temp,of 32+ humidity .

We went for a walk in the countryside and Udi , our guide , identified plants , birds as well as rice as different stages .

Yesterday, a travel day , we visited an herbal garden where we learned of the Ayurvedic uses for different plants . Salves, oils and beverages can treat anything that ails you .At lunch we were introduced to one of the Plantera projects . GAdventures supports local projects that help women and those who have little opportunity to make a living . It is good work and the rice and curry lunch was good also .

Arriving in Kandy was a bit of a chore . The traffic in the neighbouring town was crazy . It is a Moslem town and the streets were narrow and traffic was mostly gridlocked for @20 minutes . Our bus driver is really good . I think he was relieved getting to Mandy which was heavil6 influenced by the British and has wider roads an better traffic control.

In the afternoon we visited the temple which houses Buddha's tooth ...beautiful place . Really large (3 temples on the grounds) and more people than in the other places we have visited . We also attended a cultural event of music , dancing some involving fire . It was entertaining and the drummers were Really good.

That,s it for now . I am enjoying this country . There is a lot to see and do ... Although the heat and the humidity are hard to cope with . This morning I am off to a botanical garden which I is a few hundred years old . Later we will be headingg to a homestay and farm for 24 hours .

Hope all is well . Do keep in touch . I shall aim for more observations in the future .

Buddhism is a philosophy not a religion !,


20th February 2020

Enjoy reading your adventures
.It is nice that you have a good group. All is well in Calgary. Much colder in Regina and Edmonton and East but will warm up there. Felt like spring with sunshine and melting snow,Canada is in a mess. No movement with the blockades so many people are being laid off all over the country and no goods are going across Canada. The blockade in Edmonton was taken down by anti blockade group in Edmonton w/o violence. Premiers talked today and want to talk to the Prime Minister tomorrow.BC Wetsowet'sum Hereditary Chiefs flew to the Ontario Mowhaks so not a great situation. It will probably still be a mess when you get back. Enjoy your experience away from Canadian reality.There is and will be more divisions in Canada. Lots of anxiety and much more to come. Enjoy your new experiences. keep sharing as it is a nice escape from our political and indigenous mess.
20th February 2020

It all sounds very interesting. I wouldn’t do well with the heat and therefore will enjoy it through your eyes and description. Enjoy your days.
20th February 2020

Except for the temperature and humidity! I can't wait to see your photos of these locations. Stay safe and keep us informed.
21st February 2020

Happy travels
Pam I just answered your last post then it disappeared. Love reading your posts sounds so interesting.

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