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Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 13th 2006

The training is taking it's toll on my body, as I now have a slight fever and headache, as well as a sore throat. I have managed to communicate my predicament to the other students with my crappy korean, so they have been very helpful in getting medicine for me. I have slept for much of the day, apart from this mornings running session, which I sat half out of. I am alot better now having the day off, but realized just how boring the life of a korean fighter must be - sleep, wake up, train, eat, sleep, wake up, train, etc, etc...and these kids do it day in day out - which explains why there is not an ounce of fat on these kids (or more to the point, there is ALOT of crap ... read more

Asia » South Korea September 11th 2006

Well, It's hard to believe Brendan and I have almost finished our one year contract here in Daegu. Only 5 weeks left and the whole first week of October is a long holiday, Chuseok ( Korean Thanksgiving). So, we only have 4 weeks of teaching. I'll miss most of my kids. Especially my preschool, who I've had from the start and that I teach everyday. I'm their very first foreign English teacher. I molded them into very polite children... well for the most part. Some of my students won't be so hard to say good bye to... maybe more like "good riddens";) But ya, I've formed some strong bonds with some of my kids and I'm sure there will be some tears shed. They have helped me grow over the past year and I am truly ... read more
"I love slippers"
Palgong Mountain

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu September 11th 2006

Today begins week four of teaching at Jung-ang Girls' High School. So far, so good. I'm loving the students more each day-- gosh, what energy they have!-- and I have a feeling already that they will be what I miss most when the time comes to leave Yeosu. Last week, I taught about vowel pronunciation, and this week I'm talking about different kinds of greetings in English (from "Wassup?" to "Good morning, how are you?"). Many are pretty good at English already-- they've been taking English classes since elementary or middle school. But, in most English classes, the students and teachers do not speak in English. They only learn grammar, how to dissect sentences, random vocabulary, some reading, etc. Little conversation and little writing. So my job, thus, is to teaching speaking and writing. I've been ... read more
Black Sand Beach in Yeosu
Black Sand Beach in Yeosu
West Coast of Yeosu

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 11th 2006

Morning training started as per usual with the morning run, sprinting exercises and stepping exercises. The session then came to an abrupt halt, and the foreigners (South African Team, John and myself) were asked to leave. I was later informed that due to the poor performance that the kids were being punished. Punishment here invovles a table leg, and hitting on the leg....and I mean not a little tap, but a big hit. The history behind the stick is that is has been hear as long as the school has (since 1967). I was later shown the results of the hits that the kids recieved for not bringing enough medals home... The kids in Australia have it so easy.... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 10th 2006

Pung Saeng boys have had a competition over the last 4 days (from the 7-10). Both the middle school and high school feilded competitors. The high school competed over the last two days. There were approximately 10 players from the High school. All of them fought extremely well, with the School taking home 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze. The competition standard was very high, probably higher than that of the Korea Open, as many of these kids are literally fighting to get into a good university. As I had 5 days worth of competition, I decided to leave early, and head back to the Dorm for some much needed rest with the Phillipines boys, who were leaving today to fly to Thailand for the World Cup tournement (good luck!). After an hour sleep, the ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 10th 2006

So in all honesty I really debated the sanity I had when I agreed to do this camp. Fortunately it turned out to be not only worth every second of "work" time for the free everland ticket, but going to see a light parade, a laser show, riding rides, and and eating candy is A THOUSAND times better with kids than without. It gave Everland the quality it was lacking last time...a child's awe. I loved it so wuch. FABULOUS way to spend the weekend, even if i didn't get a break from kids............ read more
The kiddies
Group shot
Everland by night

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 9th 2006

The Australian team's final day at the Korean Open proved to be a mixed bag. We came away with one Bronze and One Silver. Dounia (Friend and fellow VTA club member) fought very well today, but was KO'ed by the Korean girl in her final fight. Up until that point, Dounia was evenly matched with her. Despite the KO, she fought very well, with this being her second international event. Duncan (South African team) fought as well, but was unfortunate to meet Korea in his fight. Alot of the play went Korea's way despite Duncan fighting very well. Alot of the scoring is questionable, even though you may have hit, usually it does not register or the Korean player gets the score. This has been the main theme through this tournement. Despite that, tonite is the ... read more

Asia » South Korea September 9th 2006

Since returning to Korea from the World Cup we have spent our weekends island hopping off the west coast, mountain climbing in the east and getting traditional in the centre. We have wrestled in mud, pushed a 16 tonne rock and been washed off a beach, tent and all at 5:30 in the morning! The photos tell the story - well part of it. Enjoy...... read more
The "before" shot

Asia » South Korea September 9th 2006

We went to Guemsam on Saturday with two families for the Ginseng Festival. Guemsan sells 80% of Korea's Ginseng in its market. It was crazy, everything there was made of Ginseng: We had deepfried ginseng, I bought ginseng candy (great for sore throats), Ginseng chocolate, and my favorite, ginseng honey (I put it in my green tea). They had all sorts of home remedies made of ginseng, liquor made of ginseng, and an assortment of other things with ginseng in it. Guemsan is a smaller town, and they aren't really used to seeing foreigners there, so we cause quite a stir as we explored. The funniest part of the day was when we were exploring we were accosted by these two girls who were filming a piece on the ginseng festival. They only spoke a little ... read more
The fish stall
The ginseng store
Our friend Brian gets interviewed!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 8th 2006

Left Brussels at noon by train to Amsterdam Schiphol airport for my evening flight to Saigon, vietnam via Seoul. Check-in was early and I got my supermarket chicken rossitte bought from supermarket for lunch. Lingered at the Schiphol airport and purchsed a 1-git memory card for my digital carmera. My ATM worked wonder at Schiphol. The flight was long to South Korea. The plane from Europe to Korea does not equip with personal screen monitor at the headrest in the front of your seat. This made the long flight was not an enjoyable one. Yet, I had good airline food (believe or not, surprise, even myself) and we landed safely in Seoul. Breakfast was served with Rice porridge with green tea with seasonings. Dinner was Seaweed soup and traditional korean food of bibimbab (rice, chilli paste, ... read more
yummy airline food
Korea decor
Korean traditional architecture

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