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Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 9th 2006

I’d been staying with a friend in Seoul, South Korea. He was teaching English there and had a flat just out of the city centre. This photo was taken near his flat one evening before we all (me and his flatmates) went out for dinner. After the meal I wasn’t feeling too great and decided to head back to his. It was only about 9pm, so he put me in a taxi and told the driver his address. But when the taxi got there the fare was about three times the amount that it had been when it took us out in the first place and I realised he was taking the piss in a big way. So I tried to contest the price with the help of my trusty phrasebook. It wasn’t going well ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 8th 2006

Sorry no pictures this time. I guess I was too busy or simply forgot to bring my camera, and you'll find this blog to be basically a list of the things we did during these days. Not too exciting, but possibly interesting to those of you enjoy hearing lots of simple details. On Sunday, we tried to get out for a short while to give the kids some exercise outside of the house. We took the subway (first time for the kids), and walked a short while until we gave up and took a taxi the rest of the way to the park (I'll have to get the name from my sister-in-law). Devinn is a heck of a guy when it comes to walking places. When I say this, I mean he is not the easiest ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 8th 2006

Again, I deleted any photos of the kids to protect them from Googlers. This is not so much a journal as a chance for you to see some pictures. The first picture shows the bus coming up to the bus stop. It's the yellow van with blue and red writing on the front. This is the 유치원 'yu chi wan' (preschool) bus that the children ride to and from preschool. The next picture is of the kids getting off the bus. The lady is one of their teachers / 선생님 'son sayng nim'. Many of the children on the bus know me as their 영어 선생님 'young au son sayng nim' (English Teacher), and they say, "Hi! I love you." The following pictures are of the children with their "driver's licences" pinned onto their shirts and ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju June 6th 2006

So we all trekked out to the beach for the day. Shit weather,,,, shitter beach sums it up nicely no wasnt a bad day although its not beach season here, and the water was nearly as turd coloured as blackpools glorious shores and waves so yeah it was good. Had a nice relaxing day just bumming round burning on the beach encouraging the onset of skin cancer, one of my favourite past times. also attempted to teach the americans non stop rounders which was fairly amusing using flipflops as posts and a piece of broken wood as a makeshift bat, but just an excuse to run around the beach like a fool was fun. the water wasnt too cold especially the parts i pissed in! ahah anywho we didnt want to embarass anyone and so took ... read more
gansta club shabba

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju June 5th 2006

We got back to Busan around dinnertime on Monday night. It was the last night of our adventure and we stayed at a hotel on Texas Street, or some call it Russian street. There were a great deal of restaurants and it seemed like a haven for female clothes shoppers. We at barbeque for dinner and witnessed our first fistfight between two Korean men. Apparently one had just been fired and kicked out of the restaurant we were eating at (which was open to the outside and had rock floors) by the managing woman. So the guy came back with a friend (both intoxicated) and it ended by him beating up his friends. We usually do it a little differently in the states. The last hotel is what I like to call the pimp-house. Not because ... read more
The Harbor from Busan Tower
The P.I.M.P. Hizzi
Texas Street

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 4th 2006

So while my brother and my father were basking in the California sun I too was taking in the joy that is a summer day in an amusement park. In all fairness, Disneyland IS slightly more exciting, slightly more "magical" than Everland, but this could be the childhood memories I have to create this highly exaggerted perception of DIsneyland as the be all and end all of childish fantasy. Though it wasn't "the be all and end all", Everland offered its own menagerie of delights for me to sink my teeth into for the best day of the year. With descriptions of rides verging on the obscure ("a fun ride on a dragon flying excitingly!"), to slight variations of somewhat familiar children's characters (the flume ride features a set of pelicans hanging out in sailor outfits ... read more
Blue sky and a parking lot
Approaching the gates

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangnam-do » Geojedo June 4th 2006

Sunday afternoon we went to the port and took a fairy to Geoje-do, Korea’s second largest island. Once we arrived at the fairy terminal there, it was about 6:00pm so we went downtown to find a place to drop off our stuff and stay for the night. We were right off the main street and there was a lot of activity going on. There were a number of restaurants, but it was mainly clothing stores. We found this little place with amazing mandue (steamed dumplings) and then watched “The Rock” (Pretty Korean, huh?!). The Next day we went to the Prisoner of War Camp that was set up during the Korean War by the U.S. and Korean forces. The exhibit was quite interesting as everything praised how the prisoners were treated better than the soldiers. They ... read more
POW Camp
Second Fairy's back deck

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 4th 2006

I'm going to let go of this inhuman thing known as objective thinking for just a tad while I write this (and I'll be basing my generalizations on the 8 or so people I've studied... quite extensive!) Soccer. Lets start with 90% of soccer fans in Korea (trust me on these statistics... I'm a certified psychologist). They cheer, they boo, they say the following lines "Good job!", "oh no/yes!", "What's wrong with that person?!", and the ever elusive "WAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!" ---- (Okay, that's what it sounds like to me... ) This in itself is not a whole lot strange, it's that these 90% are about 100% fake fans of soccer. All they know is when something bad is going on, something good is going on, and the two different kind of reactions to give when the ball ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju June 3rd 2006

So two of the teachers at our school decided to make it official and get married. God knows what possessed them lol No it was a really beautiful day. We went to the wedding hall, and the main event for most people was the food hall and ramming plates of food into their cakeholes. Anywho we went upstairs and saw Mia, who had to sit in a room on her own waiting for everyone to arrive and get photos of her. She looked absolutely stunning and her dress was gorgeous. teds a lucky man! They'd also had some photos done which were amazing. Koreans actually only ever rent the dresses here they dont buy them which is odd. We watched the ceremony whcih was quite short really, and bizarrely had screens in it of the wedding, ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul June 3rd 2006

Sorry! Photos are cut from this pages to protect my little ones from Googlers. Most of the morning on Friday was spent building the previous blog. When the children finished preschool, Hal Aboji picked them up at the bus stop, and we relaxed for about an hour and a half. This is the usual routine when I (Julie) don't have other plans. When I felt the kids had regained their energy (and after some yummy fresh fruit) the kids and I headed off to the neighborhood play room. It is an air-conditioned room with a cushioned jungle gym, video games, a library and a gym for parents to work out. I just go and read or take pictures while they're playing. It was unusually busy on Friday, though, and I (as usual) received a lot of ... read more

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