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Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 12th 2006

For all of those I met in Korea, this is for you. I Left Bangkok on Wednesday morning, and flew back to Seoul after a short layover in Hong Kong. The last weeks have been ones of adventure, of breathtaking temples, torrential rain, burning whiskey, muddy schools, spicy foods, and smiling faces that shadowed tears. The thought of returning to Seoul was like the thought of returning home. Seoul, in many ways, had become my home over the last months. I found shelter in the temples, peace in the eyes of the strangers, and comfort amidst the towering skyscrapers. The street venders knew my face and the buses knew my stops. I was, at heart, a Seoulite. Previous to my travels in SE Asia, this was where I had spent 5 of the last 6 ... read more
World Trade Tower
Seoul Skyline

Asia » South Korea » Taejon August 12th 2006

The outskirts of Daejon are surrounded by mountains, giving us a great view from our balcony. We set out to climb one called Kegyoksan, which translated means “chicken foot”. We set out in taxis, which took us halfway up the mountain to where the trail started. Taxis are the mode of transportation of choice here - they are incredibly cheap and there are always a ton of them driving around. A little ways up there was a clearing with ancient exercise equipment and a stone path. The stones are all smooth but cemented in so they stand straight up. The idea is that walking on these stones massages the reflexology centers in your feet, thus relaxing and rejuvenating the rest of your body. For the first 30 seconds it actually felt kinda nice, but after that ... read more
reflexology . . . ouch!
The Pagoda!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 11th 2006

Originally I had planned to visit Vietnam this week, however because of difficulties with getting a Visa (meaning, my travel agent just didn't get one) I found myself with a week of no job, no house and no committments. I decided to head to South Korea. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. I noticed some similiarities between South Korea and Japan.....mostly in touristy desintations. It could have been the overwhelming numbers of Japanese tourists that did it for me. After hitting up a few palaces and museums, I took to the streets to find the "everyday" Seoul. I had intended to take the ferry from Japan to Pusan....although it would have been really cool, and I hope to do it someday, it really cost the same as flying and took way longer. I chose the easy route ... read more
souvenir anyone?
kimchee pizza...mmmmm

Asia » South Korea » Taejon August 10th 2006

Well, this may be the last entry for a few days..... Erika and I are headed to Busan tomorrow on the bullet train, and all we have left before packing up and leaving is to have the closing ceremony. We are to present our song, listen to more Korean speeches by bigwigs, and then have the parents look around the room and play an English game. Then it's lunch time and bye bye! (I'd write it in Korean, but I don't know how to spell it....) Annoyo hi kaseyo? Something like that. Today was not fun. We had too much free time that we were unprepared for, and the kids were HYPER! In the afternoon, we had a rehearsal for tomorrow's presentation and that was long, long, long. We discovered that our kids really didn't know ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 10th 2006

I'm now done what will hopefully be the last of summer camp for me. Not that it wasn't fun but being confined to a tiny living area and spending my time in either a classroom or a field and being forced to eat kimchi every day is just something I never want to do again! Aside from it being a camp, it was a lot of fun. I got used to the kids and learned how to deal with the fact that they have no respect for teachers. They're constantly walking around the class or randomly talk to me while i'm teaching. I have one kid who is always in space and never knows what's going on. So while I'm teaching he'll say something like, "teacher, my feet are cold." And when I give out work, ... read more
Haunted House
Teacher Dodgeball
night out

Asia » South Korea » Taejon August 9th 2006

Just a quick entry tonight, seeing as it's already 11:30pm and I NEED more sleep! We received our bank account info today. A bankbook, a bank card and the money should be in there tomorrow. I think a group of us are planning to go to the bank on our lunch hour tomorrow so that we can check to see that the money got there safely and retrieve it. I could use the bank account while I'm here and take it out only when I need it, but who knows what the bank fees are like or what restrictions there are. Also, if I encounter any problems, I'd rather find out now, with Koreans I can ask for help from, rather than try to deal with bureaucrasy all on my own..... Report cards are finally done. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Taejon August 8th 2006

Well, only 3 days left! I think this is a good thing, because there are two kids here that I'm ready to throttle....One threw a chocolate milk box at another kid at dinner tonight. Nice. He's actually somewhat defiant which I find surprising for this culture. Erika and I have firmed up some of our travel plans. We're heading to Busan Friday night on the bullet train (we'll see how it compares to the TGV) and then staying there until mid-afternoon Sunday. Sunday we're flying to Jeju Island and staying there for a few days. We decided to fly out instead of the ferry because the cost isn't too bad (under $100 CDN) and it's an hour flight. We had thought about taking the overnight ferry, but then from what I read online and in my ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Taejon August 7th 2006

Our morning started off fine. We worked on some vocab words using pictures and then copying down the word into the workbooks beside the pictures they'd glued in. We went over some of the workbook sections, practised our cheer, sang "Hey Juliet" (which they learned at Pop Song on Saturday) and went over our group presentation. Then it was off to the pool after a quick lunch! The rule there is, if you do not wear a swimming cap, you are not allowed to swim. I thought it was pretty stupid considering my hair is all of an inch long right now. I sat on the edge of the pool, dangled my legs in, and dunked my body a couple of times because it was SO HOT today! We actually ended up going to an amusement ... read more
By the Pool 2
By the Pool
Amusement Park

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon August 6th 2006

I should be writing a speech for my Korean class right now (yes, I am at the point where I can write speeches-- crazy!), but instead I'm writing here. I had a pretty fun week this week, so I figured I'd update as I could. First of all, I had my final round of teaching at Camp Fulbright. I taught a low/low-intermediate level, and it was definitely tougher than the advanced kids. Still, I think it went well, and I'm looking forward to teaching again. In other news, two nights ago, Christina and I went out with our karaoke friends again. They invited us out to dinner (for a local specialty called dakkalbi-- a spicy chicken dish), and so we went on Friday. Afterwards, we got coffee and talked some more. It was really fun seeing ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 6th 2006

Well.....the poor new girl........ Poor me you say? No, I think that one was my fault- no sympathy required. So I got a little excited at the idea of partying with Brianne and Andrew (and eventually a whole big crew) as their time is running out, and at seeing the boys (it has beena month) and at just an excuse to enjoy my weekend, and Andrew had an easy time convincing me to partake in far too many shots. There is no need to discuss the ending of the night. I should know my limit. So a vow of Rocky celebacy for awhile is in order. The party girl in me has apparently risen a little too close to the surface. But it was fun, I can say that........ read more
Brianne and Steph
Oh Tammy

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