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Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 21st 2006

I removed the photos in this page because I learned that Googlers can find their pictures...and I am not so comfortable with that. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 19th 2006

It is officially monsoon season here. Today is the first sun I've seen since the first couple days after I arrived. I think we were nicked by a couple typhoons, and there's been flooding throughout this area. Here at the university, it's just been very wet, but I saw pictures in the newspaper of other parts of town that had accumulated quite a bit of water. Needless to say, I've been indoors a lot. In fact, the camping trip I planned on going on this past weekend was cancelled due to the rain. However, I did venture out to the local Korean bathhouse on Saturday night (largely because the power was out throughout campus for the weekend-- supposedly, they were installing a new power grid or something). So, a substantial group of us made an outing ... read more
At the bathhouse
Fulbrighters at the Bathhouse
Typical Cafeteria Food

Asia » South Korea » Suwon July 18th 2006

It has been a short while since I last poisoned your minds with my doings and a daemon within has urged me to report on my doings, dirty little blighter. Anyways, here begins the account of bugger all. Firstly, you may notice that this blog only has one photo, so I will begin from there. The man in question was walking along a river at around 3am on a warm Anyang evening. Toting $3000 dollars worth of photographic equipment and $1.20 worth of alcohol he was attempting to rid his mind of displeasures and calm his world through imagery. Surely this was not too much to ask for the lad. However, he was accosted by two Korean gentlemen wishing conversation. Quickly deciding that this foreigner was amiable and could speak a degree of Korean warranting at ... read more
Them changes...
The new bag...

Asia » South Korea » Taech on July 17th 2006

Ths irony of creating a holiday among your friends when you are young as an excuse to meet up every year and party is that sometime syou find yourself on the other side of the world partying alone. Well, I suppose it isn't "the" irony, but this year I was not able to celebrate the infamous "Good Day" with my friends (and I am sure that they didn't celebrate it either come to think of it) in Canada. Instead, I trucked my ass down to Daecheon beach in Boryeong for the glorified Mud Festival- a shmorgous-borge (I have no idea how to spell that word) of foreigners chomping at the bit for a little liberal celebration among the sometimes straight and narrow conservative Korean culture. I was a little trepidatious about the weekend. As I am ... read more
My necklace got a little dirty
Andrew and Brianne

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju July 17th 2006

So its the annual mud festival in Boryeong, near Dacheon and we decided it would be a wicked day out. Attempting to be organised doesnt pay off here and is a frickin pain in the hiney, as with two attempts to buy bus tickets in advance failed, the initial attempt just a woman completely not making any sense and refusing to accept my money, even a phone conversation with my korean friend didnt work , argh so , if at first you dont succeed, try try again . I return a few days later with korean scroll in hand and attempting to purchase the tickets to which I was informed they were completly sold out,. mmmmmmmmmm A lie I tell thee.So i toddle down to the tourist info centre and bada bing bada boom a ... read more
Random pictures of sproglets
Random pictures of sproglets
Random pictures of sproglets

Asia » South Korea July 15th 2006

Just in case anyone was wondering more about where I'm living ::::: Changwon isn't too big of a city by Asian standards (200,000+), but it feels pretty big to me. It's kinds of hard to find on a map, you should check some websites on it if you're interested: , , . If anyone had Google Earth and would like to see what Changwon looks like the coordinates to my house are 35 13' 4.02"N, 128 40' 36.80"E and the coordinates to my work are 35 13' 6.93"N, 128 41'24.98"E . Just cut and paste and make sure not to leave out anything because it will only work if you have all the characters. Korea itself a trip. Everyone pretty much stares at me because I'm almost the only one in this ... read more
The Apartment
The Apartment

Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 13th 2006

Quite possibly the most overrused title for visitors to Seoul, yet I feel this title perfectly describes my experience in Korea. My 'soul' was rejuvenated a) because I got a break from the monotony of my job (all July and August I sit at my desk and do NOTHING- good way to spend my time...thank god for sudoku!) and b) I met up with some old friends from Berkeley, which was a nice slice of home. Given the short time I was alloted for summer vacation, it was a quick trip into Seoul and the DMZ, then back to Japan. The organization of the trip itself is noteworthy. My friend Naomi , a fellow Cal alum, is living in Tokyo and her and I were planning an escape from Japan. A month earlier than our estimated ... read more
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Our first meal
Korean Beef

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 12th 2006

So, I just got back from an evening out with a Korean friend (one of our conversation partners from the KEY Club-- an English-speaking club for Koreans at Kangwon National University) and two other Fulbrighters (Susie and Noelle). It was quite an enjoyable time. We went to a local Korean pub (or so it was called in its English name), and it was quite a different experience from what I'm used to in the US (or in Europe for that matter). First of all, the tables were all on the floor, and we sat cross-legged in front of them. We started the meal with Korean barley tea (very refreshing), and then our friend, Clark (his English name), ordered an appetizer and a bowl of Korean wine. Soon after he ordered, a bunch of small side dishes ... read more
Group picture

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon July 10th 2006

Yes, coffee in a can is the newest addition to my coffee-loving repertoire, thanks to Korean vending machines. I'm currently in Chuncheon, training at a local university for a year of English teaching, and in our dorm (as well as the Humanities building where my classes are) is this wonderful vending machine with a variety of coffees and even a cappuccino or two. It's like iced coffee-- but in a little can and only 50 cents. The cafeteria doesn't serve coffee (or tea) with breakfast, but with these beautiful little vending machines, I'm saved. With the coffee problem solved, everything else is going well so far. We started classes today-- 4 hours of language training a day and 3.5 hours of cultural or teaching classes a day. I'm in beginners' Korean, obviously, but I can write ... read more
Daytime view
The infamous coffee in a can
Roommate and Dorm Room

Asia » South Korea » Seoul July 8th 2006

We arrived in the evening after a surprisingly comfortable and pleasant 11 hour flight from Sydney. I'm sure we'll feel differently after the next 6 months of flying, but Korean Airlines rock on! Managed to find the bus from Incheon airport to our guesthouse in Myeong-dong in central Seoul pretty easily and after asking for a lot of directions ended up at the Namsan Guesthouse where our hosts had cold Korean beer and snacks waiting for us, champions! We were soon downing shots of Hite beer (yes, beer shots from paper shot glasses... the sentiment seems to be' if it's not disposable we don't use it'!) from plastic 2L bottles, followed by strips of dried squid. The Soju (Korean whisky made from potatoes, a sweeter and milder version of Vodka) is great stuff. The next day ... read more
Open air karaoke stage
In the garden at Gyeongbokgung Palace
Us in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace

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