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Asia » South Korea » Seoul May 30th 2014

When I set out for The Trip To End All Trips (TTTEAT) back on May 1, 2012 it really was meant to be the ultimate trip. However, about ¾ of the way through TTTEAT I realized it was not going to be long enough to accomplish my travel goals. It could be argued that TNTTEAT is really just a continuation of TTTEAT as I only passed through the US for a few weeks and barely sat still long enough to grow any roots whatsoever. I arrived in Seoul, South Korea a few hours ago after an 11 hour flight from Vancouver, Canada which was preceded by a 50 minute puddle jump from Seattle. There's a 16 hour time difference between Seattle and Seoul so needless to say I am wiped out and eager to hit the ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul May 24th 2014

Prologue Heading back to Honolulu from Singapore, I had planned an 11-hour layover in Seoul (reduced to 9 hours because of a flight delay) to explore a new city. I had researched in advance and I planned to take the airport train to Seoul Station and from there explore Gyeongbok Palace, Insadong, the controversial Cheonggyecheon Stream project and a couple more places if time permitted. Landing in Seoul at around 10.45am, I got through immigration quickly and was in the arrivals hall by 11.15am. Despite the delay and the 3.15 am departure out of Singapore, I was well-rested thanks to Asiana's comfortable Business Class bed seat. While looking for the left luggage facility to deposit my roller bag, I chanced upon a counter for their free city tours. I picked up a brochure and saw that ... read more
Tacky Curtains on Tour Bus
Dongdaemon Design Plaza
Changdeok Palace

Asia » South Korea May 14th 2014

After a 3 hour flight from Hong Kong, we landed in Seoul where we spent our first night. Korea is very different from HK. For starters, most Koreans do not speak any appreciable English. As a result, we were compelled to learn a few phrases in Korean, which I am sure were mangled as completely by us as were the heavily accented English phrases tackled by the few brave Koreans (mostly taxi drivers and hotel desk clerks) forced through circumstance to attempt communication with us. The next day, we boarded the high-speed KTX train to Busan where we met Lydia who negotiates the logistics of life in Korea like a local. It was great to see her thriving so gracefully in the life she has created here. The first evening, we ate a traditional Korean meal ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jungrang-gu May 10th 2014

So Yongma Land... an abandoned theme park... on the outskirts of Seoul... I'd been wanting to visit this place for ages. There are tonnes of blogs going around on expats sites about the place, and I was hooked reading blog after blog. I knew the rough area that it was in, but had no real directions. Then, finally, one day when I was reading yet another blog about the place, I clicked the link to the girl's boyfriend's blog about the place and low and behold, this one actually had legit instructions on how to get there. Happy that I finally had decent instructions on how to get there and a new camera ordered. The cold in China had killed mine. So we penciled a date into our diaries for when we would visit. We took ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu » Insadong May 9th 2014

This will be the last one!!! Are you bored yet ? Do you want to be included on my next travels? Do let me know . I am so glad I decided to stay in Seoul for a 6 day layover on my way home .What a great city . Walkable , interesting , varied , helpful people and good food to eat . My hotel was comfortable . Small room , heated floors , TV AND a computer and the most amazing shower and toilet. Enjoy the photos. ps .Somehow I never got around to finnishing this and I need to to keep my blog travels updated . besides I do want to show you what I saw in Seoul . As I had said it was cold there ,... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Baengnyeong-do May 6th 2014

We were up bright and early, to make the most of our final morning on the island. We got all packed up and headed out. Since it was Buddha's Birthday, we wanted to head to a temple on the island. Luckily there is only one. It was pretty much at the other side of the island, so it took a little time to get there. We knew we were heading in the right direction as we saw a statue of Buddha, in a field in the distance. The temple, (name), was tiny, so cute. There was a a really cute outbuilding. The yard was covered with lanterns and there was also a statue of an elephant. I can't recall seeing any elephants at previous temples I've been to Korea, so that was unique. The temple was ... read more
Mongunsa Temple
Mongunsa Temple
What's that?

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Baengnyeong-do May 5th 2014

We woke up late today, the lie-in was lush. We ended up getting up around eleven and it was after twelve by the time we had all showered and gotten ourselves ready it was well after twelve. We were all starving, so we headed into downtown Baeknyeong-do to find some lunch. Most of the places looked seafoody or shut. We decided on a place, it was like a kimbap shop, regular Korean food, and we ordered lots of things to share. We ordered a shrimp fried rice, kimchi jjigae, bulgogi stew, and jaeyuk deopbab. It was all lovely and we scoffed it all down. Feeling full, we left but not before Mel got her photo with the signed Hyun Bin poster on the wall. He'd eaten here when he was staying on Baeknyeong-do, too. We took ... read more
Kimchi Jjigae

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Baengnyeong-do May 4th 2014

So our original plan for this fluke four day weekend (Children's Day falling on the Monday and Buddha's Birthday falling on the Tuesday) was to go to Hong Kong. However flights were stupidly expensive, with crap times, so we had to come up with another plan. Yeri mentioned Baeknyeong-do ages ago to me, and I stored it away in my mind. With our Hong Kong planned scuppered, this seemed like a good opportunity, as we needed longer than a regular weekend to do it justice. However it was not smooth sailing, when Yeri got in tough with the travel agent, ferry tickets were already sold out for the Saturday, so we had to book for Sunday to Tuesday. The trip was cheap, due to the travel agent ballsing up we got our ferry tickets cheaper, and ... read more
Dunkin' on the ferry

Asia » South Korea » Incheon May 3rd 2014

We met up at Incheon subway station at around 1. I've been wanting to visit Incheon and its Chinatown forever, but the almost two hour long subway ride has always put me off. Luckily, I managed to get seats on both trains, I was surprised at how empty the trains were given that it was a Saturday and a holiday weekend. Chinatown is directly opposite the subway station, but before heading to Chinatown we took a taxi to the ferry terminal and found a love motel to stay in for the evening. We dumped our stuff and took a taxi back to Chinatown ready to resume our sightseeing. We headed into Chinatown, I'm not sure if it is the only Chinatown in Korea or was the first. Anyway, we took plenty of photos of the gate ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Boseong April 26th 2014

26th Apr: We left from Pyeongtaek Station at around half eleven. I have to say Pyeongtaek Sation is really nice, it's a lot smaller and cleaner than Suwon Station. It has lots of nice new shops, cafes, coffee shops and a department store. It also doesn't have all the dubious characters that hang around Suwon. It's a shame it takes longer to get to or I would use this station more often. The train journey took about three hours, maybe a little more, as the train was late getting in to Gwangju. Not too bad as we had traveled pretty much all the way to the bottom of the country. After alighting the train, we headed to the tourist information office to find out how to get to Boseong. We headed to the bus station by ... read more

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