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October 5th 2007
Published: October 7th 2007
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Hey! well if i wasnt convinced that Bonghwa was in deed mushroom crazy before this festival i am 200 % sure it is now!! Bonghwa festival lasts for 5 days all together and in this time the river banks are filled with stalls, selling mushrooms, (of course) grapes, foods, arts, just about anything you could think of! I think it is the first time my little town has come to life!! So we headed down to the festival! the mushrooms ranged in price form ya normal type to the pine mushrooms whice were on average about 80 pounds per kg!!! aghghg!! so nope decided i wasnt buyinh any of those!! we went for a meal at the festival though which had mushrooms in it!! and a couple of pine mushrooms so that was me pushing the boat out! nope sorry dad didnt buy ya any to dry and send you!! there were various music things on and stuff howerver all timetables were in korean so when i had the plan of "lets go check out the listings board" everyone jus laughed as i realised i could only read the time!!!
over all had a great weekend! chilling watching the old people playing 3 legged races while hitiing a plastic pig!! and yes i have photographic proof cos i couldnt believe my eyes!! haha!!
well hope you can now see how the madness of my liccle town really suits me wuite perfectly so to the fact that i do indeed seem relatively ( i stress relatively ) normally insane within such a town...must be a first!! 😊
managed to go for a little walk by the river too which was nice 😊 look over the fields towards my apartment, and the local farms surrounding the area, think may need my long socks on though before i go back! not too sure bout the bugs!! i keep getting bitten 😞 they even got my face this time!! i must taste better than the koreans!!

byeeee for now!! hope your all well! for the post cards i have recieved i am very gratefull my house is slowly looking less blank however more are required to give it a fully decorated feel!!! 😊 hint hint!!!! hehehe!!

cer xxxxx

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7th October 2007

not mus-room for da whale in that river!!!
hi ceri i fancy playing pig bashiing in a 3 legged race seems they have my sence of humour not sure from da picture but do all hit the same pig !! and hoow do you win as might get mum on the lawn practicing.not sure about all them mushrooms in the food do they have normal food durring the festival like chilli's and meat? look forward to the next blog keep em coming.
8th October 2007

Mushrooms mushrooms everywhere! Just as well you like mushrooms, love! Like the idea of a chili christmas tree. Was the pig still alive when they started playing the three legged race game?
17th October 2007

Share the mushrooms
All thoses lovely mushroom we could have a share of thoses could'nt we don't think Craig would like think much to them do you!!!! All looks great fun nice and colourful loved all the photos of the little mushrooms and the chillie tree you'll have to make one of thoses for when mum and dad come out for christmas. What about the live music and the dancing gives line dancing a run for there money Unc Pete says could you teach them a few of our dances. See saw jumping never seen anything like that well you'll have to get all the info on that so we can have a go when next in the park we'll give that to Craig or Becs. will give you a call soon need to get the cheap number of mum again as we have misplaced were I wrote it on the first time so organised don't think so!!!! Keep up the pictures everyone sends there love

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