Indochina 2012 (Vietnam and Cambodia) - Part 2

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June 22nd 2012
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It is friday afternoon here in Seoul, South Korea, and I am taking advantage of a five hour layover in the Asiana business lounge to write Part 2 of my blog. Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with Indochina, but I had to share the experience of travelling in Business class on the upper deck of a 747. I can tell you that it is quite a treat and makes a huge difference. First of all, flat beds with a duvet cover and a very fluffy pillow. This was probably the best sleep I've ever had on a plane. I thought I was dreaming at 37,000 feet when I woke up for dinner: a shrimp cocktail, a delicious salad of fresh seasonal greens with tomatoes, Kalamata olives, bell peppers, baby mozarella, and croutons with a balsamic vinaigrette, followed by raviolis with cherry tomato sauce and herbed butternut squash with Parmesan cheese. I finished with an international cheese selection and a big cup of vanilla ice cream with fresh berries (they must have known I was coming). The whole dinner was accompanied with Paul Dangin Champagne and Chateau St. Jean Fume Blanc white wine. The movie lineup on my personal entertainment center was extraordinary, but I could not resist going back to sleep before waking up to a terrific breakfast made up of eggs, sausage, quiche, croissants, fruit, and yoghurt. After landing early afternoon, I stretched my legs a bit in the very modern Seoul airport before getting my boarding pass for my flight to Hanoi on Asiana Airlines. Anne-Marie had warned me that the female flight attendants must be hand picked as they are all extremely beautiful and she was right. I am told that they had a plane change and the Airbus is being replaced by another 747. The woman who hands me my boarding pass gives me her most beautiful smile and tells me I have been upgraded to First class. After having spent 14 hours on a plane already, I was not looking forward to another 5 hours, but then maybe it won't be so bad after all. I'm getting into Hanoi quite late, so the next installment will have to wait a bit. Until next time...


22nd June 2012

"Anne-Marie had warned me..."
LOL. She warned you cuz, you know, beautiful women are VICIOUSLY EVIL! :) I'm glad your flights went well sir. I've never heard of anyone enjoy their flights as much as you do. Then again, I don't have many friends around me who travel business or 1st. LOL. Can't wait to read/see your adventure to begin!
23rd June 2012

Enjoyed reading he blog of the trip so far, sounds simply amazing!!!

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