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June 27th 2011
Published: June 27th 2011
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N Seoul TowerN Seoul TowerN Seoul Tower

View from the top
So the journey has begun and it felt about the right time to write my first blog, this trip is throwing up a lot of firsts for me. To put you in the picture I’ve decided to write this blog whist watching the first episode of “An idiot abroad” because whilst I was at the airport waiting to get my flight I kept having flash backs, Plunketts 7 wonders, yeah right its got to be the second idiot abroad for sure!

I’m pleased to say there have been no Karl Pilkington moments to date, but I’m sure they will happen in due course so watch this space…..

After an exhausting 15 hours and 13,500km of flying I arrived at Inchon airport and this is when the reality of what I was doing set in, it was one of those moments where you look around the airport and think WTF do I do now? And as for trying to translate the language there was no chance. Thankfully my luggage arrived and after seeking some advice about how the trains worked a local Korean guy kindly offered to “be my friend” and sit with me on the train and talk me through how the subway system worked and told me all about Seoul, although I did have to speak to his friend on the phone because he thought it was really cool that he was sat with an English guy and wanted to prove to his mate he was not lying, it seemed like a fair trade.

I have never met such a friendly nation, it seems that everyone goes out of their way to help and most of the time you don’t even need to ask, which clearly is an indication that I must look so confused. A really kind local passer-by walked me from just outside the station all the way to my hostel which was 15 minutes away, it has made me realise that I should extend the same degree of helpfulness within my own country because as a tourist it is priceless, the locals here have made this a truly amazing place to visit.

The city of Seoul has so much to offer, I’m staying in the Hongik University district which is awash with culture and art, clearly these are both lost on me but thankfully some of the guys I’m hanging out with here
N Seoul TowerN Seoul TowerN Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower
are doing their best to educate me. I have seen various sites/areas such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace, N Seoul Tower, city plaza, Insa-dong and Namdaemun market. Check the photos out for an idea of what they are like. The market was brilliant and I had my first taste of noodles and various other foods, as you can probably tell I had no idea what I was actually eating which was slightly worrying. Some of it was incredible and some of it……well quite frankly it was disgusting, but when in Rome Rodders!

Yesterday I visited the DMZ (DeMilitarised Zone) which was mind blowing, the tour of the observation area and the walk down the 3rd tunnel discovered by South Korean’s was a real insight into the issues both past and present between this small island. There are very mixed feelings here regarding reunification, and the differences between the two countries appear to be vast and an amicable solution to their disputes is a long way off, it’s so sad to see it for real, but again it just reiterates how lucky we are back home.

Well for all of you who were a touch envious of my trip you
My first tradional meal!My first tradional meal!My first tradional meal!

My first tradional meal!
will probably have a small grin on your face when I say it has been non-stop heavy rain ever since I got here, it’s monsoon season and trust me the rain is living up to its name. Its raining again this morning and I have decided I would have a morning in the hostel and send a few emails and update the blog instead of getting soaked, again! I leave Seoul tomorrow to head to a place called Sokcho, where I will embark on my first bit of trekking and attempt to use the public buses, this could be funny more updates will follow!

Behind my facade I was slightly apprehensive about travelling for all the obvious reasons, however all I can say at the moment is it’s been incredible, there’s not been a day where I’ve been short of company and the people you meet are so interesting and friendly and the locals are only too happy to welcome you into their city.

Well I’ve rambled on enough for the first blog, it’s time to head out for a bite to eat and my final look round Seoul before I depart tomorrow  but at least I

get a couple more days here before I fly to Beijing in two weeks!

Next update coming soon

Karl Pilkington-Plunkett

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Seoul N TowerSeoul N Tower
Seoul N Tower

Seoul at night
Gyeongbokgung PalaceGyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace

My new friend!


The Station - No journeys from here....
Seoul - City RiverSeoul - City River
Seoul - City River

Seoul - City River

27th June 2011

told you so........
Excellent blog....see the razor has gone all ready lol. Good to hear from you ......have a great trip, Phil

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