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July 28th 2009
Published: July 28th 2009
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I happened to be browsing the Weezer website one day and noticed they had a tour date to play in the Seoul area. After digging a little more, I realized it wasn't just a Weezer show, but an entire three day rock festival! I've really missed going to live shows here, so naturally I immediately wrote all my friends here to start planning a trip. We got our tickets, rented and borrowed tents and piled into my car to head up to the festival grounds. It was held at a ski resort, to a lot of facilities were already there.

This was the first annual event of this kind. Festivals are somewhat common, but this was the first one with so many western bands. The ones I was mainly interested in were Oasis, Weezer, Jet, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, and Basement Jaxx, off the top of my head. They were accompanied by many Korean bands of different styles, from "big band/rock" to metal to techno.

In true Korean style, the whole thing went very smoothly. There were guides to show you exactly where to pitch your tent so that the field was basically a perfect grid. The bathrooms were very clean, considering the number of people, and compared to many similar events I've been to. The two stages were perfectly timed and staggered so that you didn't have to miss any bands (although we took many opportunities to nap during bands we weren't interested in!) Drinks and food were surprisingly cheap, although they had a somewhat irritating "coupon system". There was even a swimming pool area.

Much to the delight of Malcolm and myself, we got there very late on Thursday (aka very early Friday) and the main stage was wide open with a distinct lack of security. Naturally, and probably against better judgment, we ventured up there with my guitar to take a few optimal pictures to use as Facebook profiles. Eventually, a security guard came and politely asked us to get down (after we finished our poses!). Any other venue I've been to surely would have had much stricter repercussions!

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"I'm so cool!""I'm so cool!"
"I'm so cool!"

Read the headband. Free in the "cool zone" haha.
Red Bull!Red Bull!
Red Bull!

Louise's favourite drink is practically illegal in Korea, so even at 10 000 won/can ($10), it was a welcome investment for some.
Fake Pass-OutFake Pass-Out
Fake Pass-Out

Not our table. Mal is stone sober here, actually. Haha.

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