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March 10th 2009
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[youtube=Pmd9wbqyUDY][youtube=RUZcZzaunCw][youtube=5nDuSIoIgdI]Tonight was a peaceful night. There was no running around like crazy people, trying to see a Palace, or find a place to eat that fit all 15 of us. There were only 5 of us. A nice small group, much easier to travel with than the large groups we usually go places with.

Tonight, we went to Insa-dong. The shopping there was AMAZING. Im going back with 200,000kw and buying everything. It's pretty cheap(well everything is) and the stuff they have is so cute. I'm spending all my money there. Everyone's presents are coming from there haha We went into a side street and went to this cute little place for tea. There were live birds in cages in the wall. It was quite expensive for tea and snacks. 6,500 per person. The snacks and the tea were SO sweet. So I had a stomach ache after it. It was ok though.

After that we walked along Cheonggyecheon Stream. It was so pretty. There are waterfalls, and lights in the water. It was so peacefull and pretty. It was SO cold out though. Our fingers and toes and noses were numb. I can't wait for the spring time, where you don't need jackets and scarves anymore...

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if you read it how it is spelt, it would be "se-tah-bawgk-se caw-pee"

13th March 2009

Isn't that 6500 kw like.... $4.00? Spend away sweetie... Compared to london's prices thats a pretty sweet deal. Buy buy buy... you know your momma won't stop you... I think you should get that mink blanket... Sounds like it may keep you warm there... Dziadus says he remembers the bitter bitter winter in S. Korea.

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