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September 30th 2007
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***Now that I have this blog up and going I am going to backtrack some of the cool things we have done this summer in S. Korea.***
It is so true what the guide book tells you about cheap accomidations in Seoul, well if your back packing it or need a day to yourself. The "Jim Jim Bah" is a WONDERFUL place, in the states we call it a SPA. In Korea its a place to relax and take advantage of wonderful stuff you can't afford on a regular person's salary! It cost's 8,000.00 Korean won which is about $9.00 U.S dollars.
I had been dying to go find one and my good friend Sue agreed to take me one Saturday. This one is called the Dragon hill Spa located right next to E-mart in Seoul. When you go in you get an electronic key that you can wear on around your wrist or ankle, a set of PJ's and a towel. Everything extra you would like the just charge it on the bracelet and you pay everything when you leave. Then you must take your shoes off and put them in a tiny locker before going any further. (In
ICE RoomICE RoomICE Room

Sue and I cooling off!
Korea you do not wear your shoes inside to any REALLY nice places and homes.) We took the elevator up to the ladies locker room, if your an over sensitive person it might be a shock to walk around naked women. I felt like a giant at 5'5 and I got alot of stares because my hair was braided. Actually i had a Korean women tell Sue that a "Machine" braided my hair on my scalp like a rug! Sure wish I knew where to get that machine!! :o) Also little girls stared at my tatoo on my back as this form of ART is still considered taboo. After putting on the lovely PJ's we explored all our options which was alot! Some places are just for males or females, other areas are both and families are everywhere, old men were asleep in the common room areas with the TV's. So you can choose many rooms to bake in, some scented, salt rocks, and after baking you can cool off in the ice room! Which at first I told Sue "What the heck do you want to go in a refrigerated room for?" only to be happy to use it
Salt roomSalt roomSalt room

Sit down and heal your Bum!!
after baking in a few of the rooms!
My favorite was the salt room, which was heated and had salt rocks everywhere to lay on and intresting seats to heal your genitals! From what I haven't a clue but it sure made me giggle alot!! We ate lunch at the cafeteria Korean options only, Sue made me try a cold sweet tea with rice in it. I'm not a fan of cold sweet tea so adding rice did not go over on my tatse buds but I think some travelers would enjoy it. You are able to bring in your own food ay sit down in a common area and eat picnic style. After lunch we went back upstair's to the girls locker room and I bought a facial mask for $1.00 (tons of options) and tried to take a nap but Sue kept talking to me. The best part wasn't discovered to the end of our day when we went to take a shower on the lower level and walked onto the Jacuzzi's!! Giant hot tubs and diffrent waters..outside and inside, a rainfall shower....It was WONDERFUL!! Yes, you must be naked in them. I wanted to get a really

My $1.00 facial mask!
good scrub but I didn't have time to make a request. NEXT TIME!! I was so relaxed that I was ready for bed. You can stay overnight for 4 more dollars but I wanted an actual bed to sleep in an not the traditional mat/heated floor thing.
On the way home we had fun trying to catch a taxi back to the base and watched the girls in the "NON'existing" red light district alley stand in the florescent lighted windows. Yep, Seoul has adventures for everyone!! LOL!!

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