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March 6th 2007
Published: March 12th 2007
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Museum StepsMuseum StepsMuseum Steps

A view from Seokjojeon
Forgive the increasingly brief updates. I certainly am not doing justice to these wonderful places. But I find myself back in Seattle already and ever more complacent to sit on my rump. Compounding this would be my lack of photos or adventurous experiences due to my broken right foot. So again, my apologies to those seeking good info or stories on Seoul, or Japan which will come later. My foot is healing well, a successful knee surgery is also healing nicely, and I will finish strong with updates and pics from my final stretch of my RTW trip, visiting Mexico City and Miami atleast. (PS-if anyone knows any good body guards in Mexico City, please get in touch.)

Excuses aside, here are some great photos of Seoul, covered in snow. It snowed the first day I arrived and I was lucky enough to visit Deok Su Gung Palace. This palace and its grounds are a quiet refuge in the heart of the city. Blanketed in white the space became even quieter and an idealic setting for photographers who were out in small groups.

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Doorway and StepsDoorway and Steps
Doorway and Steps

Deoksungung Palace Grounds
What is this?What is this?
What is this?

Does anyone know what this is for? A tree blanket?
God is in the detailsGod is in the details
God is in the details

And what details they were!
Outside the PalaceOutside the Palace
Outside the Palace

Christmas season in Seoul is beautiful!
Making tracksMaking tracks
Making tracks

these tracks are from the rare but allusive American Handiman
The upside to crutchesThe upside to crutches
The upside to crutches

reserved seating on the subways.
Back AlleysBack Alleys
Back Alleys

no shortage of signage in Seoul. I wonder if there's any regulation on the matter.

13th March 2007

What is this?
The straw blanket you refered to is to trap bugs? I have asked many Koreans the same question and I always get the same answer. I guess the bugs go into them in the winter and they remove and burn them.

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