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January 27th 2011
Published: January 30th 2011
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Day 1 Baggage claim at the airport takes forever, but the airport is so streamlined it takes me about 20 steps to get from baggage claim, through customs (which consisted of a glance and stamp and nod) and to the airport bus terminal. There are no trains that run to Spencer and Jessica's neighbourhood (Jamsil area), but a bus runs to Lotte World, an amusement park about a kilometer from their hou... Read Full Entry

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Tiny Door!Tiny Door!
Tiny Door!

What is this, a school for ants!? - zoolander
More PalaceMore Palace
More Palace

Living quarters

Juxtapose Old vs. New
Guards at the gateGuards at the gate
Guards at the gate

Andy is soooo cool.
Guards at the gateGuards at the gate
Guards at the gate

Spence is sooooo cool.
Stream downtownStream downtown
Stream downtown

Relaxing place...in the summer would be much cooler.
At the barAt the bar
At the bar

Korean Beer

30th January 2011

Very Seoul-ful
'Twas fun reading through your latest adventures - and even more fun looking at the pictures with your great comments. What a fantastic adventure! xo
30th January 2011

Good times!
Sounds like you're off to an amazing adventure! The pictures are already incredible and you're only a week in! Can't wait to read more!
31st January 2011

great !
hahahaha, the more I read your blog, the more jealous I get. omg. I want to leave Korea RIGHT NOW!
31st January 2011

re: great!
Does that mean I did an Ok job on the Korean part? I was worried, trying to get the details done properly!
2nd February 2011
Temporary Palace

Love this photo! What beautiful architecture.
2nd February 2011

Thanks Simone, its probably one of my best photos ever, one of those times when everything just works out!
9th March 2011

You know what scary Andy...? HOw much this looks like the Toronto skyline.

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