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June 22nd 2009
Published: June 22nd 2009
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this is me, John, Reha, Roger and Susan at Busan's APEC building. Where a bunch of world leaders met in 2005 to discuss world leader type stuff.
Well on a plus side, I was able to get the photos from my Busan trip off of my camera. Downside is the camera is toast.

Let's see, some highlights of this past month. Where to begin...
With me in the latter half of my contract now and building up to its' completion I've been bouncing back and forth between wanting to stick around another year or going home. I love it out here and hate it at times. It's hard to explain unless you've lived on the other side of the world for a long time.

I turned 25 last week. A freaking quarter century. I've been very contemplative in the past two weeks'. It's easy to admit that when I graduated High School I hadn't anticipated this is where my life would take me.

To be honest, that's fairly much all that's new. We took my friends to Daegu a few weekends ago and I was able to do it on a shoestring budget. We had a wine and cheese party the other night, and from food we'd bought in Gwangju- we were able to make Mexican food and have a mexican night. As a birthday
Jackass PenguinJackass PenguinJackass Penguin

Thought somebody would get a chuckle out of this.
present to myself I bought a guitar. I'm surprised how much of playing it I've retained as I haven't picked up a guitar in over 8 months.

The job is a lot of fun, most of my students are great. Even the ones' that are hell spawn are likeable. I enjoy my work teaching kids English and I'd like to think that I'm gaining all kinds of good experience out here, for my resume and well life experience and what have you.

Additional photos below
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There was some art exhibit in the aquarium that incorporated fish into every piece.

This is by far one of the most hilarious pieces of art I've seen on display, anywhere.
What The What The
What The

Here's another gem from my visit to the Busan Aquarium.
here I am...here I am...
here I am...

... looking the wrong way.
the last photothe last photo
the last photo

this is the last photo, of the beach that ate my camera.
the beach at nightthe beach at night
the beach at night

The beach we stayed on.

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