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April 14th 2009
Published: April 14th 2009
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dad and medad and medad and me

My dad and I at a park in Daegu
Earlier this month, from the first through the 7th, my dad and Karen came to Korea. Here's my account of their visit.

I saw him Friday the third through Tuesday the 7th.
Well on Friday night, I had just gotten off work at 9:30. I knew my dad was taking the train into Mokpo, but we were having problems with his phone being able to reach me, so I walked to meet some friends for dinner. I get into the door and get a call from my dad, he's in Mokpo, and has been since 8:30pm. I took a cab to downtown and met him on the second floor of a building, Imsil Cheese Pizza. They had a lot of luggage, most of it being things from America I'd asked them to bring out for me. Well, we took a cab to my apartment, and I had them stay at my place while they were here and I crashed at my friend Roger's apartment. The first night I showed them WA bar and P Club, and they promptly went to sleep and I stayed out a little.
On Saturday we showed my dad and Karen around Mokpo, showed him Yudalsan,

this is the lighthouse you can see from Oedaldo
downtown, and some of my favorite restaraunts around Mokpo. We got a rental car and my friend Roger and his wife came with us to Daegu.
As usual with travelling in the evening, we arrived and spent a good deal of time searching for a motel/hotel to stay at. Eventually we caved and stayed at this one place I didn't want to when I went there before. How would you feel after HOURS of travel and amazing jet lag/ time zone difference? They went to sleep right away and Roger, Susan and I went out to scope out the night life in Daegu.
The next day we travelled around the sights in Daegu, alright, well we didn't know the best places to go and had a late start so we drove around to see what we could see. It was a little late in the day after our breakfast of Mexican food to see Donghwa Sa so we found the Chilseong Market and walked around. It reminded me of Pike Place market in Seattle, there were a lot of food vendors with fruit.
After that we went to a park, and I've forgotten its' name but there were cherry blossoms
Karen, My dad and IKaren, My dad and IKaren, My dad and I

A picture of Karen, my dad and I at the lighthouse.
blossoming and there was a free zoo.
Shortly afterwards we found our way back to our usual part of Daegu and had Indian food for dinner. Then we went to a bar that's underground and has a faux arabian nights/dungeon kind of feel. You sit on pillows and there's a fake river running through the place with candles everywhere.
That night we drove back to Mokpo. I believe we got back around 3 am. Our driver did not have anything to drink.
Monday we drove the car out to a lighthouse you can see from Oedaldo. There were some dogs roped up to their kennels outside. It was a reminder that not everybody views dogs the same as some Americans.
Moving along, we went to Gwangju to check out the electronics mall and some sights in Gwangju
Monday night we took my dad and Karen to noraebang.
Tuesday it was up and at 'em kind of early in the day and I took my dad and Karen to the train station and said goodbye and went back to teaching.

I also picked up a used bicycle on Tuesday. Score! I cannot express how much faster I get around, at least 2x, 3x as fast as I did walking everywhere.

Last weekend I hung around Mokpo and it was nice to ride bikes with a few friends and sleep in.
On some sad news Matt, one of the new teachers, is going to quit working for my school. I understand his situation and I feel for him, and I wish him well. I got the vibe after week 1 of him being here that it might not work out for him here in Mokpo. He's likely going to be gone come Saturday.

This weekend I might be on Korean National Television. Details to come.


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