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January 12th 2009
Published: January 12th 2009
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Hey everyone!

Classes got cancelled for me today because of the snow so I think I'm going to go out and try to find some fun stuff to do on my day off. I'll have a make-up day during my lunar new year vacation, but that's alright.

Not much new and exciting has happened this last week or weekend. I hung around my neighborhood last weekend. My roomates showed me a bowling alley, we were there for like three hours. I haven't bowled in a long time, so that was cool.

Today I went out to check out a monastery I heard was on Yudalsan. I don't think I found it, but the day-trip was fun. The short version:
I took a cab to Yudalsan, I told the driver I wanted to go to Yudalsan, and wound up a few miles from where I intended to go. I figured I could use the exercise so I walked the rest of the way to the mountain. Then I discovered that I'd been dropped off on the other side of the mountain. It was cool to walk along the road that hugs the side of Yudalsan, and even cooler to see the snow blanket everything as it came in, just not being stuck in it. It was pretty windy, I almost lost my hat a few times.
I found a statue park which was really cool, and I think there was a Buddhist monastery very close-by but at that point I was freezing so I didn't look for it. I kept walking along the road, which seemed to go on for forever, and then found my way to the steps up Mt Yudalsan, the way I'd gone up it before. When I found that familiar spot I started looking for a cab home. It was a good couple hours' diversion. I would have still been teaching at the time I got home from walking around.


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