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December 27th 2006
Published: December 27th 2006
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Goheung Elementary school students struggling to skate but having a blast!
This past couple months in Korea have been great! Pat and I have the best jobs that we have ever had! The kids are great (well most of them), the work is very layed-back, and our co-workers are a lot of fun.

Pat is loving the fact that the girls in his Girls Middle school love him. One of the girls told him that she loves him but "don't tell your wife Lilly because she will hate me"! They all send him love notes, its pretty cute.

I went on a school trip a couple weeks ago. We went ice-skating! It was halarious! The kids were all stunned by the fact that I could skate. They all put helmets on and when we got on the ice they held on to the side boards for dear life. Most of them got enough courage to let go after a bit, and than clung-on to me instead. I also had to hold the hand of one of my co-teachers so she could skate around a bit! They were all very cute any ways.

The other day in school was a good laugh as well. Three of my girls wanted to
Cat WalkCat WalkCat Walk

My students having a modeling competition.
have a competition to see who was prettier! I had to judge while they did a cat-walk up and down my classroom. I added a photo so you all can be the judge!

Pat and I were proud parents of a baby pup a few weeks ago. Pat found a puppy on the streets and brought her home. He said that she was going to be hit by a car if he left her. Well, I quickly became attached and wanted to keep her. But, the responsibility was more than we could handle so after two days of cleaning up puppy messes we had to give her away to one of Pat's students. I still miss her, but at least our home doesn't smell like pee any more!

We have been spending most of our weekends in Yeosu, a city about an hour and a half away from Goheung. We have a bunch of friends there that haven't minded putting us up for the weekend (at least they haven't said anything!) The weekends in Goheung are a little boring though. We don't have too much to do other than go hiking and walk around town. Although, walking around
My PuppyMy PuppyMy Puppy

Our first baby... only lasted two days and we had to give it away. We just couldn't handle the responsibility.
town can be quite amusing, we sort of feel like celebrities here! Pat and I teach about 80% of the kids in our town so everyone is always running up to us to talk and say hi. And we often get free stuff when we eat out because we teach the owners kids.

Our Christmas was good. Of course it didn't really feel like Christmas without family but we made the best out of a long weekend. The Saturday we went boarding with John, a friend of our from last year. The hill was lacking snow but we still had a great time! That night we went to Yeosu and had a Christmas party with our friends. We had a great time just watching Christmas movies and hanging-out. Our Christmas Eve dinner was Chili and our Christmas lunch was pizza, a little less traditional but at least it was food from home!

I am on my last day of school right now! Pat teaches until Friday. Friday Pat and I are off to Seoul to catch our flight to India Saturday morning! Kellie, Dave and Darcie (oh and the bean in Kellie's tummy) are there now. They tell
Mt. MujuMt. MujuMt. Muju

Pat and I on top of Mt.Muju where we went snow boarding for the day.
us to be prepared for the smells! After a week in India we are off to Thailand for two more weeks! It all doesn't even seem real to me yet!

We both miss everyone so much! We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!
Love Laurie and Pat


10th January 2007

Reading your blog is making me so jealous! I've started applying for jobs last night! See you soon:)

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