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August 15th 2010
Published: August 15th 2010
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As far as weeks go in Korea, this one was my toughest. I was starting to feel that my wander lust had completely worn out and that I should head home. After a "Western" breakfast burrito, a friend and I headed out for our now daily walk around town. We decided to take a new road which ended at a bridge construction site. After a few seconds of deliberation, we crossed the barriers and walked down the closed road. It lead to a place which seemed very un-Jeonju like. A small creek rushed through the neighborhood which made for a tranquil setting. Little concrete bridges created a path over the creek to the homes of a few lucky Jeonju residents. Even the dog looked content to just listen to the water rush by!

On our journey up the road, we found a shrine which was no longer kept up. It felt like being in the "Secret Garden". We even scared a very large bird out of it's hiding place. It was a treat to see a flower tree still in full bloom this late in the summer season. The temple door were locked and abandoned, so we continued up the road. It has rained a lot this month and today was not an exception. There was a steady stream of water as we trudged up-hill.

We found just what we weren't looking for! A lovely brick-wall waterfall entrance to a temple. After browsing through the temple, I went to look for Lindsey. A monk was standing outside and motioned that he wanted us to take a picture with him. Unlike my first encounter with a monk, he didn't speak English. I made motions towards the temple, so he took us back up to the temple and sat with us for a few moments before asking if we would like coffee. I was very excited to be invited to have a drink with a monk since I was unable to take up the offer in Yeosu. We were lead to the monk's living quarters and served coffee. As a group, we managed to communicate very little, but as we were leaving they made hand gestures that I can only assume meant to come back to visit again.

The monk probably has no idea what he did for me, but I needed his kindness today! My friend and I headed up for yoga and meditation. I guess I can handle my stay in Korea for a bit longer.........

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Road riverRoad river
Road river

It was worth getting our shoes wet going up the hill...
Y'all come back now, ya hear!Y'all come back now, ya hear!
Y'all come back now, ya hear!

Hey, I'm going to take a very liberal interpretation of what he said!

15th August 2010

Divine Intervention??????
So glad you had this experience and shared it with us. Hope it lifts your spirits long enough for you to meet your goals there. Just long enough, I'd love to see you soon. Wish i could such an experience today too, or just when divine intervention knows I need it most. :)

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