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Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo April 4th 2015

The arguably most unpleasant of these 3 famous characteristics of Jeju I am experiencing right now: I am stuck on a 12 hour boat ride from the South Korean Jeju Island to the coastal city of Busan and a storm is rocking me literally up and down. The crackling vessel is only topped by the relentless whistling of the wind on my cabin window and the rain pouring on the deck. Although I am a born but reluctant mountaineer I have always had a fascination with the sea, opting for the ferry over a 30 minute flight... It all started 4 days ago. For this easter break I decided to head to Jeju Island in the extreme south of South Korea (ROK) and travel my way up to Seoul. I have never been very interested in ... read more
Jeju Island
Jeju Island
Jeju Island

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo October 5th 2014

Four and a half years living in South Korea I hadn’t made my way south to Jeju Island. Therefore, when I got Fridays off for the semester and a Monday off at the end of September, I decided it was time to visit Jeju for a 4-day jaunt. In a subtropical climate, Jeju is the largest island in the country. Overall, I enjoyed Jeju greatly. The island itself is very different from the rest of South Korea. The people were very welcoming and willing to interact with foreigners—perhaps because the island has been made to be a holiday destination for both Koreans and international travelers. In addition, the vibe of the island was very relaxed and carefree. The food was delicious. I couldn’t get enough of the grilled black pork,while mixing it with the local soju ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo April 8th 2014

“Wait... I don't think they're going to cook it,” I say looking down at the freshly slaughtered sea cucumber we just bought; chopped rings of flesh still wriggling and pulsating on the plate. It was alive seconds ago... and maybe it still is? One of the women gives us a spicy sauce for dipping and some seaweed. We plop down at a table a mere 20 feet from the sea. “Cheers!” we say tapping our chopsticks together and then slurp down a slimy animated morsel... More about the squirmy seaside delights in a bit... Known as Korea's signature honeymoon destination, Jeju Island boasts a giant volcano right in its center and is blanketed endlessly by flowers in the Spring. Charcoal cliffs and jagged formations rule most of the coastline causing waterfalls to pour directly into the ... read more
stone statues
Penis Rock
Soph and Matt seaside

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo December 1st 2012

Got up early and said my goodbye to the nice staff at New Day GuestHouse in Haeundai beach and took the train to the airport. I have to change trains, the line that goes to the airport is a monorail. A very quick check in at Jeju Air counter and then I relaxed at the lounge waiting for my flight. it was a smooth less than an hour flight, arriving at Jeju, I quickly try to locate exit 5, as per the Doldam GH instructions, I should be able to find the bus that goes to Seogwipo,I was also told to call them before I leave the airport so they can approximate the time of pick up at the bus stop, ask the tourism office to call us, they said, but the branch next to the ... read more
Route 9 trail
Route 9 trail
Daepyung ri village

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo November 1st 2012

Day 1 flight to Seoul, South Korea Well October break is here, Chinese National Holiday on October 1st and I am going to South Korea: Seoul and Jeju island. It took us quite awhile to figure out where to go for several reasons. The first reason was I had to work on the Friday and Sunday after the holiday, leaving us with only 5 days of holiday time and too short to travel. Second reason money and travel expenses where very high. Third reason no tickets and hostels for the dates we could go. So with all these reasons we were about to give up and stay in Dalian. On Wednesday before the holiday we got the news that I no longer had to work Friday so we could go to South Korea and Jeju island ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo September 20th 2012

I decided to have a full day today, partly because there is so much to do, and partly to make up for doing practically nothing those two days in Busan. So, with the best intentions I was up and ready early and decided to take the bus into town. Oops. We headed off in completely the wrong direction and then stopped at some random high school for about 15 minutes. At which point the driver, bless him, decided (rightly) that I was lost and (hmmm) that he was going to help me. He was very kind but between his non-existent English and my non-existent Korean it was painful, to say the least. In the end, we did manage to agree that the bus would take me to the right place (once it got going again), so ... read more
Bridge to Sae Seom Island
Touring Submarine
Submarine Tour

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo September 19th 2012

Left Busan as leisurely as I arrived and made my way to Jeju Island, the largest of the islands surrounding the Korean peninsula. Jeju is a volcanic island and full of mountains/extinct volcanoes and their leavings (the cities I have seen so far seem to be entirely paved in pumice, which is quite a nice effect). Jeju's primary industry was, unsurprisingly, fishing. Given the strong Pacific currents and whims, a lot of the menfolk were killed or away at sea for long periods. As a result, the island was a de facto matriarchy and is apparently famous in Korea for the fortitude of its women. In particular, the women used to dive (to quite extraordinary depths, unaided) to collect oysters, and apparently there are certain villages in Jeju and its surrounding islets where this tradition is ... read more
View of Seogwipo Harbour
Seogwipo Harbour

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Seogwipo December 25th 2010

I spent X'mas holidays(from Dec 25th to 27th) on walking trekking path No.7, No.12 and No. 13 with my old boy(class of '87) and his co-workers(one woman and 4men). On the first day, we walked trekking path No.7 in the south west of the JeJu. this path is a seaside path. It took about 3hours 30 minutes by a fast walking. there are good sceneries of seaside in this path. we enjoyed seafood for lunch. and we lodged a guest house for the Jeju trekkers. On the second day, we walked trekking path No. 12. this path is a inland path. It took about 4 hours by feet. I can see many mandarin orange orchard, stone walls and traditional houses in Jeju and met falling heavy snow. I trekked a volcanic hill and we met ... read more

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