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October 10th 2008
Published: October 10th 2008
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Weekend Two predictions

This weekend looks like it will be spent in Seoul mostly. I’m going through to this SA braai on Saturday and maybe out for a couple of drinks and then I’m meeting up with Lauren, one of the Wanderers hockey girls who lives in Seoul. We are off to a huge cultural market on Sunday. It would appear it will be better than dong-daemun and I’m hoping that is true cause I have so few clothes over here I’m in desperate need of a couple more items. I’m hoping I’ll meet some new faces this weekend as well and find a couple of peeps to hangout with on a regular basis.

Korea - My Initial observations

Aside from the safety aspect, Korea is a nocturnal country where shops and restaurants are open all night and the streets are more busy at 2am than they are at 12pm its so brilliant cause it actually means you can get things done after work and don’t have to second your weekend doing groceries and other mundane day to day chores. The internet here is also dirt cheep and all over the place. In Korea you come face to face with the world of online gamers and the infamous PC bang ie seedy internet café. PC bangs are generally on the 3rd or 4th floor of every building and as long as you are prepared to endure very stuffy conditions, seedy blue lighting and tones of kids hacking away at gods of war, or what ever it is they are playing, then $1 an hour is awesome.

Another observation about Korea is that although they are super jacked and efficient there communication skills are much like in Africa, you get sent from pillar to post. I went through to have my bloods taken last week so that I can get the all clear to apply for the residence card and what do you, know the tests last week were in vein cause they only suffice if you are at a government school. At a private school you have to go and have chest x-rays and the works so I had to go back this week for more blood, teeth check, Q&A, eye test and hopefully this time I will get all the results I need and I can go to immigrations to get this residency card so that I can get a cellphone and internet at my apartment, it will be make life so much easier! There is no such thing as buying yourself a R400 cellphone and a R10.99 starter pack from P ‘n P here sorry nor residency card no phone!

Korean people are not only helpful and friendly but they are very hospitable and my principle is no exception. She speaks 0 English but if she isn’t force feeding me Korean food at lunch time she is excitedly presenting me with gifts like rice cookers (like I ever ever cook rice at home but I gracious accepted the gift and it has found a home under my sink and unless I find out how it can apparently bake a cake or cook curry, there it will remain!)

The weather so far has been really lovely. I'm looking forward to summer cause there are street food stalls on every pavement where ever you walk selling traditional delicacies (Im yet to try the street for fear of Deli Belly but I think the time will come when I have to risk yet) its lively cause people sit along the pavements on plastic chairs enjoying the nice weather and eating local food I bet these stalls will be packed in spring time!

Well I think I have kept you all reading for long enough, if you have even gotten this far. I miss you all lots and I’ll post more photos and news soon!

Ciao for now 


11th October 2008

Ah the wonder of Discovery
Hi Jules So good to hear someone so excited at discovering a whole new world. May your days be filled with joy as you open yourself to discovery and just loving these people. Cheers Paul
13th October 2008

Jules! nice to hear you're doing so well! keep up the writing! love you lots

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