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May 6th 2008
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Hey! well it's been an eventful few days so decided to split it into a few sessions! so first and foremost - school picnic! Managed to miss my two middle schools trips but got to go on the best one! elementary school!! hehe!!
Only a local trip all around the province of Bonghwa - visiting temples, old houses and rivers!

We set off via minibus with my little bunch! and my two favorites - the hip hop boys!! 😉

We headed across a river via the stepping stones to the most smelliest old house!! Kids lasted about 5 mins before we ran back to the safety of the bus! Off then to the first of two temples. It's Buddah's birthday weekend hence all the pretty lanterns! Then on to have some 'healthy water' - now i know what your thinking, because i had the same questions - when is water unhealthy?! but apparently this was special - and if i do say the most disgusting tasting water! but hey it's healthy!!

We then fish hunting before picnics! All laid out in the beautiful hut - very exotic if i do say! slightly different to sandy sandwiches!! Then off for a treasure hunt! So up we marched, but half way up the hill they got tired - so what did my favorite 65 year old, (just out of hospital i add) teacher do? He got a stick from the hedge made a circle and got all the kids doing a tribal fire dance - I LOVE HIM!!! he speaks no English yet is my favorite co teacher!! He has that grandad Hovis face that says im a cuddly bear!!! So once they had done this tribal dance equipped with chanting, shaking tailfeathers and legs!!! he shouted what I assume the equivalent of 'charge!' and off they raced!!!

Treasure hunt was....different! Searching for scraps of paper in the grass! and the prize! to do a forfeit!! haha!! why would you search!!!
Then back and to the final temple - time for some hip hop moves and up up up and away - mountains were amazing!

Weathers really improving here now - in need of fans every night but sure is nice!

Well enjoy my pictures and my kiddie winks!

Hugs and love to all - look forward to hearing from you and hope your all well!!

Lots love Cer xxxx

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6th May 2008

funny water
hi have you had too much funny water or what !!!! grandad hovis been on the beer, must have more energy than he needs to run up the hill with the kiddy winks. sounds like a great day was had by all and hope you have remembered how to make the picknic as can't wait for ours when your home luv da whale x x x
6th May 2008

what a lovely picnic
Hey what lovely looking kids they look well cheeky!! looks like a lovely place to go for a trip and the picnic looked good too! The tribal dance sounds interesting cant wait for you to domonstrate that one when you get home!! Take care luv AJxxx
12th May 2008

Love your picnic spot, but not your picnic!!!
Showed Emily and Bella your pics - they were so thrilled - loved your little people - just like ours really Ha Ha!! They had a good chuckle at your hip hoppers, and your 'A' lesson!! Still waiting for the lanterns xxxxx

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