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February 23rd 2010
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Cairn close upCairn close upCairn close up

One of the many cairns at the temple
Yesterday was a LONG day of lectures. I suspect that's why today was a field trip day.
We went to Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto as well as the tombs and Cheomseongdae Observatory. I went to the tombs and the observatory with my homestay family this weekend so it wasn't that exciting. I felt the temple visit was very rushed but I do remember one interesting thing, there was a whole area that was covered in cairns, rocks stacked on top of eachother. There is only one other place that I've seen cairns and that's on the trail. I saw plenty on the Pacific Crest Trail. Good samaritans had placed them in areas where snow or a fork in the road might confuse a hiker. The cairns were used to guide people. I was wondering if there was a reason for the layout but I never found out. As for the Seokguram Grotto, after seeing the video of it yesterday in lecture, i was really excited to see it in person. Unfortunately, they had placed a glass wall in front of the Buddha and the tour guide was pointing out figures that were behind the glass on a sheaf of papers she had. I thought it was pretty silly, the figures where right behind the glass but we had to look at them on paper because were weren't allowed into the grotto. Lame.
My favorite was flying my kite. In theory we were supposed to experience making a traditional kite but in practice time was limited and the ladies showing us how to make it were rushed so she ended up making most of it for me -_- However, flying it was very fun. The weather today was amazing and it didn't disappoint when it came to kite flying weather. The wind picked up on and off. I ended up letting my kite go as high as it could and laid down in the shade and just watched it twirl around in the air. Apparently we were supposed to write a wish on the kite and once it gets as high as it's supposed to we're supposed to cut the string and let it fly off. I didn't hear this until we were getting on the bus, maybe next time. My kite doesn't have a wish on it since I was never told to write a wish on it, I
Lucky pigLucky pigLucky pig

rub and make a wish! ;>
did write "Long live wanderlust" I couldn't think of anything else and all I've been able to think about recently is all the place I want to see and travel to so I thought it was fitting. Laying down and flying a kite is the best thing ever, I haven't flown one since middle school when we made kites in class but I see more kite flying in my future 😊
- Mochi

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Outside the grotto since pictures weren't allowed inside
Inside the grottoInside the grotto
Inside the grotto

I cheated by taking a picture of the ceiling in the grotto
Reach for the sky!Reach for the sky!
Reach for the sky!

A kite stuck in a tree being retrieved

Samgyeopsal (pork)
More dinnerMore dinner
More dinner

grilled peppers, grilled cabbage, daenjangjjigae and kimcheeeeeeee

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