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January 17th 2010
Published: January 17th 2010
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At 4:30 in the morning, I was hoping that what was in the box was really what I thought the picture was. Breakfast of black rice milk, tastiness. Really it was!
Woohoo I'm here! After 4 airports, 2.5 hrs of searching for my bag and 2 hrs of sleep over a period of over 40 hours I made it! The turbulance on the plane was so bad that my well laid plans of sleeping were quickly, and violently, destroyed. Oh well, sometimes I just need a reminder that I really don't control everything 😊

I know that I had to plan a lot in order to make this trip happen, but I learned a valuable lesson. I do better with just going. I enjoy the researching and learning about a place...but as most of you know I get very excited. When that happens I don't sleep. Somehow my body just clicks into a bizarre "go" mode and no amount of Rescue Remedy calms it down. Then I think to myself, "self, to hell with the 4 drops they suggest, maybe 4 droppers will center me. Its just plant extract, right?" Anyway on the plane, when I wasn't sleeping, I did some math. The three days before I left, I slept a total of about 12 hours. Thank goodness for Rescue Remedy...

I feel calm when traveling. Is that an oxymoron?
Korea, I'm hereKorea, I'm hereKorea, I'm here

Yo Lindsey!
For over 10 years I've had the same type of recurring dream. Same people, same place, same theme, same result...except for last night. Everything worked out. Travel is good for my soul. I think this blog thing is going to be good for it too. Just ask my mother, I don't really contact people when I'm traveling. The intentions are there, I promise they are. The plane is like the event horizon of a massive black hole. No light is escaping, much less a letter.

Alright, time to go explore.

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17th January 2010

Oh what feeling of relief and joy that you are there - safe and sound! The travel blog will work out great, for you and your family - and friends! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! And stay in touch!!!!!!!! Love you!!, MOM
17th January 2010

Yay! you made it!
Yay! Sabrina! You made it! Yes, the turbulance woke me up usually.... Black rice milk.... never seen that before.... Anyway, Have fun! Mayumi
17th January 2010

So glad you made it. You look ridiculously happy on so little sleep :) stay safe and enjoy the adventure! can't wait to read all about it.
17th January 2010

Glad to see you are there
Have fun, good thing you learned another language before you went.
19th January 2010

You've arrived!
I'm happy to see your smile (after no sleep and that many hours on a plane). I can't wait to read about your adventures and see your pictures. I'm certain you'll have an amazing life changing time. Keep blogging (and I'll do the same so you don't miss too many smiles from Satchel)
20th January 2010

Oh, I'm so glad you have a travel blog up. I found myself wondering at the wee hours of the morning after you left... Where is Sabrina right now? Is she sleeping? Is she on a plane? Is she wandering around the airport in Korea looking for her bag? Is she safe? Is she smiling? Nice to see that I need not wonder about your getting there and finding your friends. I'm still wondering what time it is for you at 6:45 pm here, and if you are smiling. Take care, my dear and I will look forward to seeing your next posting.
20th January 2010

a question
So Sabrina, why Korea?
22nd January 2010

Miss you!
24th January 2010

I miss you too! How are Beeb and Boge? How was Mexico?
24th January 2010

Love that smile
I can breathe again, I've been thinking of you alot. Take care and keep smiling. Once in a lifetime experience
28th January 2010

hi! glad u made it! :) looks like fun! I would love to travel the world like u do! be safe and have a great time! love brooke chartier

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