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April 26th 2008
Published: April 26th 2008
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Ok this is my first blog ever so be gentle with me. I just wanted to keep a bit of a running 'open diary' on my life over here & upload lots of photos so my friends & family can see what I'm up to. In other words I'm too lazy to send pics individually to everyone!

I'm living in Gunwi, which is both a county & the main city of that county. The province I live in is called GeongSankbuk-do - the spelling varies from person to person. Generally it seems here you can pretty much spell in whichever way you like - everyone seems to know where you're talking about!

It's an agricultural area with lots of fruit and vegetable growing. Will write a more detailed description in the future. For now just go & look at the pictures.

Additional photos below
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Bee can see the bees down the bottomBee can see the bees down the bottom
Bee can see the bees down the bottom

This has real bees in it - it is a popular health drink here.

26th April 2008

Thanks for sharin
Hi Belinda Well it all seems to work really well to me. Good on you for doing it. I have no idea how to set up a blog, not very computer savvy for things like that:) Must be my age! I love the photos, how beautiful are all the flowers and cherry blossoms. Your students look gorgeous and the place is just so very very different from Darwin. What a wonderful experience for you. I think you are so brave going all that way and trying out something so different.
26th April 2008

Congrates on new Blog
Hi Belinda, You got your blog up and running pretty fast. The photos look great too. One question; how did you manage edit your hundreds of photos down to only 62 ?!??-John
26th April 2008

Great Blog!
This is a great way to share your new life Belinda -- congratulations on getting such a lively blog going. Loved the pictures. You look happy and good living conditions. The kids look delighted with their teacher -- as well they should be...they are lucky. I've put your blog on my favorites and look forward to the next instalment! Best wishes Jane
27th April 2008

Congratulations on your blog! Hi Belinda(L°ä)
I received your e-mail, read your article in your blog and looked over your pictures loaded. you look that visited tri-budda area again when it was cherry blossom. I am OK. I am expecting your anther article and another trip with you and John. Good blog and Good Belinda. this is Big Bro(Lee)
2nd May 2008

good on ya!
Good to see you are a motivated techno-guru! Great idea - I haven't even mastered sending downsized photos yet! Looks like a lovely place and glad to hear you are loving it! I am having some moments of doubt here in CAmbodia at the moment.....stay tuned! So, Kimbo finallly popped out her bub - many, many hours later! Lata, R
8th May 2008

Agree - terrific blog
And this is the first blog I've ever looked at. Spring in the northern hemisphere - what a change! House, school, everything looks gorgeous. And I'm on the edge of the Kalahari desert with winter coming up ...... The photos are wonderful Belinda.What camera do you use?
22nd May 2008

What is a Blog?????
Looked over your Blog on a bigger and better screen Belinda and your photos are great. What talent! Looking forward to seeing the real things in August. cheers

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