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April 23rd 2008
Published: April 23rd 2008
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My John and BelindaMy John and BelindaMy John and Belinda

In Dabudong. they are foreign English teachers in Gunwi.
I took a excursion to Dabudong, near Daegu and Gunwi, with John and Belinda at the early March(15th March,2008). we visited Dabudong, the battlefield of the korean war time. Dabudong was the hottest battlefield of the korean war. Dabudong is the key position to Daegu.
At the early of the Korean war(1950-1953), North Korean army controlled all of south Korea except Daegu and Pusan province. to gain Daegu, south Korea. North Korean army forces was gathered at Dabudong, key position to Daegu.
At this place, there was a severe combat between US army's armored vehicles (american tanks) and North Korean army's armored vehicles(russian tanks). In addition to, so many south korean soldiers died to defend Daegu and so many north Korean soldiers died to gain Daegu at this combat. finally, south korean army and US army alliance forces defended north Korean army's harsh attacks. after this combat, north korean army retreated from Dabudong.
The Korean war was the tragic history of Korea. there was no reasons to fight with each other, north korean and south korean. after the liberation from Japanese rule(1910-1945)the great Powers(US, USSR) divided Korea with north and south. at that time, Koreans hadn't(couldn't) founded

In Dabudong
their own government by theirselves. this was the trigger of the tragic korean war.
After liberation from Japanese rule(1910-1945), Korean missed the opportunity to make unified and independent Korea. for the important three years(1945-1948), the south was ruled by the US military government. the north was ruled by the USSR military government. when the term of military rule was finished, US army and USSR army withdrew from korean peninsula. In the south region, the pro-American Korean government founded. In the north region, the pro-Russian and Chinese Korean government founded. the north Korean government decided war with the south Korean government to unify Korea. this was the Korean war(1950-1953).
due to this war, over one millions Korean people died. about 45,000 US young men died to defend south Korea and about 400 Aussie young men killed or died in the Korean war. I never forget this truth. About 60 years ago, Many Aussie Brave Young Men died for defending South Korea where I live in.

John and Belinda are aussie man and lady who I respect.

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In Dabudong,south Korea.
the memorial towerthe memorial tower
the memorial tower

the memorial tower like an armored vehicle.
the holy placethe holy place
the holy place

we stop by this holy place in Mt. Palgong for the catholic.
the icy snowthe icy snow
the icy snow

the snow turned with ice. Belinda is a northern person of Australia. she can't see the snow. she saw the snow and touched the snow for the first time.
my home townmy home town
my home town

my home town from Mt.Palgong.

26th April 2008

This was a beautifully written page Big Brother - and I'm not saying that just because I'm in it! :o) That was such a lovely, interesting day. My first real adventure in Korea. Seeing that frozen waterfall was my favourite part.
28th April 2008

Yes, thank you for a good day. Learnt a lot that day. I would like to do something similar again. John
10th May 2008

well written and i liked the pictures. keep it up!

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