Do you know this special day, "Dong-Ji day(동지, 冬至)"?

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December 24th 2007
Published: December 24th 2007
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 A small temple in Eunhasa A small temple in Eunhasa A small temple in Eunhasa

I did zen in this temple
Last Saturday, 22th December was Dong-ji day. It is a special day to some Koreans. On Dong-Ji day, we have the longest night time of the year. "Dong-Ji(冬至)" is Chinese letters, It means "the peak of the winter". some koreans eat red bean soup, pray for their ancestors and visit buddhism temple to pray for their health and good lucks. this day is not holidays, this is the tradition of koreans. we, koreans believe that when we eat red bean soup on Dong-Ji day, we will get a good luck and good health on next years. so, some korean women make red bean soup on Dong-Ji day and eat red bean with their family.
On Dong-Ji day, 22th Dec. I also ate red bean soup and visited buddhism temple(은해사, 銀海寺,Eunhaesa in Mt. Palgong) and stayed for one night and did zen for 2hours and did 108 deep bows to my reflection. On early morning of next day(Sunday), I got up so early at 03:00, dawn. after then, I did zen for one hour. after this ceremony, I returned my home early morning.
foreigners in Koea! don't you have red bean soup for your health and your good luck before
Red bean soupRed bean soupRed bean soup

cooling of hot red bean soup
finishing this year in Korea? I had a bowl of red bean soup in temple.

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 a Good view a Good view
a Good view

a scenery from the small temple.
A good curve roofA good curve roof
A good curve roof

main building
Making red bean soup in templeMaking red bean soup in temple
Making red bean soup in temple

A temple servant making red bean soup on the fuel hole.

26th December 2007

good luck to you
Good luck to you in the new year! It is interesting to learn about your customs.

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