my liccle walk up yeongju little mountain!

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January 21st 2008
Published: January 21st 2008
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well! im back in the town of bonghwa! and decided it was time for another little expedition! so off i headed with my music blasting in my ears in search of somewhere new to wander!
One little hill led to another, and soon i found myself on a mission, to reach the turret in the sky!!!
and what did i find when i got to this secluded little spot you might ask? well a badminton court, hula hoops with koreans in them!, running machines! and lots of people! all exercising with the best gym view in the world, and the toughest warm up of getting up there in the first place!
so heres some pics of my little adventure in Yeongju the 'city' about 20 mins bus ride from me!
im back to teachers class this week which is cool cos i get to teach with matt, and then off to thailand on friday! yayayyaa!!! def need a break! so then be prepared for a bombardment of blogs!!! 😊 hehe!
miss you lots, really lonely at the mo so please write and email cos i love hearing from people and could use the boost right now!

love you all

cer xxxxx

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21st January 2008

nice little stroll
hay looks great views not mutch water for the whale up that high though when you walking up those snow covered ones in the distance ,miss the kimchi just have to make it mum will be pleased luv da whale x x
21st January 2008

Where's your hoola hoop?
Well, you might go and have a look like your ma- but I would have had to have a go with a hoola hoop!!! Did you try it? I love the views over Yeongu and the mountains - well worth the climb!!! Looking forward to the Thailand blogs - oh and by the way, trust you to capture the cows head!!! xxx
21st January 2008

Nice Walk
Hi well what can I say looks like the olds had a great time the pictures look fantastic that you all took had a good look at them the other night when they were over. Looks like youy had a great walk a little further then you first thought well I think you ought to have had a go with those hoola hoops you would of been able to show them how it was done. Notice how all the pic seem to end up with food in them that must tell us that food seems to be important to you in some way well eating it is well so unc Pete says. have great time in Thailand looking forward to more pics. But please go steady on the Cows heads not the most attractive I must say. Loads of love Ant Ang and Unc Petexxxx
24th January 2008

Enjoyed reading your blog~ Seems like you had some nice visit to a country side. It reminds me of my hometown, thank you! That sign you saw in the mountain says "Caution Wildfire!" by the way. :)
29th January 2008

Wait for your blog bombardment from Thailland
Your life in South Korea is full of exciting and interesting. I hope you will get a good and fun time in Thailland and refresh your body and mind. I am also on winter vacation. during this time, refresh my body and mind thru skiing. It may be that your journal is written in a spoken English, so I sometimes confused, "what does it mean?" but I have learnt spoken English. thanks! picture#13 in the placard between trees, it means "becareful with forest fire". officials of your county placarded it.

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