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March 16th 2008
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Have you heard about ‘The Iron Curtain’? This phrase describes dividing Europe into two areas after World War Ⅱ. Actually, it was used in 1920, by Ethel Snowden, in the book Through Bolshevik Russia, but this term was widely used after Winston Churchill made popular it in his speech on March 5, 1946. However, after Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) broke down, people have started to be interested in this term and countries which were part of USSR so, this essay will talk about what we are going to think, when we learn about ‘The Iron Curtain’.

‘The Iron Curtain’ is so popular in Europe, which means; people are so interested in and want to know about it. This term makes people unforgettable about there was a time which Europe was separated in two parts. This would be a first reason why people are interested in ‘The Iron Curtain.’ Second, people might hope that this would become a kind of symbol of Europe’s re-union. Last, ‘The Iron Curtain’ let European people think their natural shapes. Those reasons would be answer why this term is so interesting in Europe.

Then, where can we go to learn about ‘The Iron Curtain’? Of course, it depends on people’s interests but I think we must visit Germany. In the past, Germany was separated political as well as geographical. Eastern Germany was a part of USSR, followed a communistic system, on the other hand, Western Germany was a free country. So, we can learn more easily about ‘The Iron Curtain’ in Germany.

If you want to visit another country, I recommend starting from the Arctic Ocean between Russia and Norway then move to the tundra area. Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) are also near there. It is good to visit Hungary and Romania through Germany, Austria and Czech. This journey would be finished at Black Sea.

‘The Iron Curtain’, this phrase is so famous in Europe and European people hope that they could visit there. However, Asian people might do not know about this than European people. If Asian people could visit there, they would have lots of information about the past of Europe as well as present of Europe also. Let’s go together!


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