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June 25th 2009
Published: June 25th 2009
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Ok, so the pictures are coming, I swear!
But when you have over 1000 pictures, it takes a LONG time to get them all figured out.
Soon, very soon.

In the mean time, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what will be next in my life of adventures, for no matter where I am, it is an adventure!

So my most recent thoughts have been looking into the world of communication.
No, nothing to do with Media, but instead looking at the very basics of all humanity, the art form that is communicating.

I have always been interested in Sociology and I even took it as a sort of unofficial Minor in University along side of my Music degree.
After completing my year of Teacher's College, I became even more aware of "good" vs "bad" communication and I made it sort of my mission to refine my own communication skills, and to then be more patient with those whose own skills were, let's say, less refined.

I have also often found myself as a person whom people come to for either, advice or explanation.
When I was young I did find it a bit strange that people older than I would ask me such questions, and even more strange that I would seem to have the answers or at least be able to point them in the right direction.
But being young I never thought about it to long and moved on quickly to something much more interesting, like what shall I have for dessert!

Still, this strange occurrence seems to pop up more and more frequently as I grow older and it doesn't seem to make a difference as to where I am living in the world.

Please don't take this as anymore more than my thoughts trying to be pieced together and shared for the purpose of asking YOUR advice and input.
I, in NO WAY profess to any kind of genius, but instead maybe someone that God is using for His purpose and glory.

I am a firm believer in that if you have a gift, (natural God given skill) it should be used and NOT wasted.

In other words, I know I am gifted in musical areas, but I am now exploring other areas of possible gifts, so as not to WASTE anything that God may have a purpose and plan to use.

So, back to what I was saying about Communication.
This year teaching English in Korea has been a big help in the realization of this possible gift.
My teaching company is about more than just teaching a second/foreign language, it is also about Critical Thinking and as a result, I have had to do just that!
I also, because of my previous teaching training and experience, get to teach some extra Preparatory courses where I have had to teach Justifying skills and even Communication skills.
These extra courses have been the most interesting and fun. Partly because I have had such great kids, but also because of the material.
I GET it! I understand and am able to convey what I want and actually see the students Get it too!

I don't really have anything to say here, it is just me kinda putting some thoughts down on paper, so to speak.

I am totally open to all opinions and comments, where I follow them or not will be mine and the Lord's decision.

Just to finish this off, here is a poem that I wrote today after searching on the internet for about an hour and a half and coming up seemingly empty (the search was about Communication/ Music courses/ jobs)
Just part of the trying to figure things out process.

Dizzy…searching, looking, finding, going back, revising, reading, confusing, anticipating, failing, watching, listening, waiting, creating, crying, laughing, exhausting, sleeping, wondering, waiting, seeking, concluding, forgetting, changing, hoping, circling…dizzy

June 25, 2009


6th July 2009

Well Elisa, I don't have much advice for you, other than that I believe you're going to find what you're looking for as you continue your search. Your poem, however, sounds a lot like you and me driving together- just about anywhere! (=

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