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Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Bucheon August 9th 2015

A round the world trip in an hour! Go on then! I had seen some pictures, I think on the Korean Tourism Organisation website of Aiin's World and thought it looked like a bit if kitsch fun. We took the subway to Samsan Gymnasium station on line seven. Aiin's World is a short walk out of exit 5, past the Hanok Village. When we arrived we found out that there were two different ticketing options. The first was the regular day ticket for 10,000 won, which you are able to gain admittance with until 6 pm. The second was 16,000 won and allowed entrance form 6 pm. This meant that you could see the Lighting Festival, which is when they light up all the models at 8 pm. Of course, we opted to see them all ... read more
Big Ben, London
Stonehenge, UK
Big Ben, London

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Bucheon January 30th 2009

One thing that I just couldn’t pass by, was a trip to Korea's biggest indoor water park - Tiger World. Tiger World isn't really that big, but what's oddly fun is the fact that it really is entirely indoors. You walk away after a day of water fun with absolutely no sunburn - which is rather fantastic. It boasts 7 water slides, a lazy river, a children's area, and the best part - a spa including aromatherapy pools, a pool bar, hot spring waterfalls, sauna areas, and a very large hot tub pool with various full body jets. Oh, have you seen on TV the little fish that eat at your feet? They have them at Tiger World! They’re called Doctor fish, and they feed on dead skin from your feet. They were originally used when ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Bucheon October 8th 2007

Yongsan September 29th, 2007 So we finally made it to Yongsan which is a place we have tried to get to a few times before. We had heard a lot about this place as it is a very popular destination to get cheap electronics. We had no idea how crazy this place would be. It was like being in a 9 floor mall that sold only electronics, not to mention it was attached to an actual mall and department store. Also only a short walk away from the main Yongsan building in a market that sells electronics as well. We spent all day wondering around in amazement and apparently we didn't even see everything there was there. I have never seen so many cameras, TVs, or laptops. This place literally had everything you could think ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Bucheon October 4th 2007

We've been meaning to start this blog when we got here but have been putting it to catch everyone up quickly we're just posting emails we've sent home that tell of our adventures here so far....we've tweaked them a bit and added some info...we'll have more info soon and will update our blog much more now that we have one set up....Enjoy! First few days! We have arrived at our schools and apartments in Bucheon. It is a big bustling city of 700 000 people - mostly apartments and stores. A lot of commuters to Seoul. Our apartments are nice, though Ryan’s is the nicer of the two, so we will get the internet and phone connected to his place and split the bill (we pay for these extras) rather than pay it for each ... read more

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