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July 8th 2019
Published: July 8th 2019
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July 8th Get excited D-4 for a swimming championship in Gwangju

I'm actually living in a place, Gwangju, South Korea. However, I still feel as if I keep traveling around the city with living, so I decided to start to write my long Journey.

These days, since the most heated Swimming championship. FINA 2019 is coming, whole around Gwangju city and citizens get excited about the big worldwide water festival.

Around the city, the various festival has been held to welcome FINA.

Last time, My friends took me Kpop music concert where BTS or Twice (KPOP idols) were coming and we were screaming at each moment even though I was not a big fan of K-pop idols.

Gwangju is the first city which hosts FINA swimming championship in South Korea.

This city is one of the big cities in South Korea, located in the south part, Jollanam-do.

I had lived here from autumn in 2017 to hot summer in 2018

Coming back to my country, Japan for the half year and got the chance to do an internship here for another half year. Then, Now, I am staying here.

FINA Swimming Championship
ACC Asia Cultural Center ACC Asia Cultural Center ACC Asia Cultural Center

cited from Gwangju Convention and Visitor Bureau Website.
is like a world cup of the swimming held every odd number year

and will have various aquatic events in a once

Since now, 17th Championship had been held and this time in Gwangju will be the 18th edition.

In the past, Roma, Shanghai, Madrid, Melbourne and other cities around the world have hosted the big summer festival.

With carrying the theme " DIVE INTO PEACE" signifying a wish to get people to know the values of peace and human beings in Gwangju, the representative city of democracy and human rights in South Korea

The championship will be held from July 12th to 28th (17 days for Championship) and from 5th August to 18th (14 days for Master)!! It means Today is D-4 till Opening ceremony.

There are 209 national member federations in the Five continents around the world as the FINA community member.

For Gwangju Championship, 193 countries from members and the whole amount of the people including staff and athletes are 7266 people will participate in this Big sports festival. 2995 people will join as athletes.

This is My favorite one, FINA official Mascot character! Suri and Dali!

Now, they are everywhere in Gwangju as monuments

The official site of FINA said that the characters show personifications of make and female otters, flagship species of the local area.

Also, they are peacefully living in Mt Mudeung and the Yongsan river.

It will be soon that the atmosphere in the city will change like world festival since people over the world will come for joining the championship and for cheering up.

I hope I can cheer up this big festival during my stay since it won't happen for the next time so soon.

I cannot wait to feel FINA. D-4


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