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July 8th 2019
Published: July 8th 2019
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One day art night __Dein Night Market in Gwangju

I felt like sharing my trip in Gwangju, SouthKorea in the hot early summer season.

My love, a favorite is an art. walking alone around Gwangju city which is called as an art city to find a small gallery places or special exhibition held in the museum is my precious moment for me.

Gwangju is actually full of art around the whole city.

If I head to downtown, easy to find a small museum or taking a look around to find something new in Asia culture center.

In a nearby, there is one market, Dein Night Market which is known as the Night Culture Market, the most famous tourist market in Gwanju.

I found the art there.

After watching playing baseball at KIA champions field ( Korea is famous for baseball as well) with my friend and her host family, I headed to Dein Market

There was a big shining signboard at the entrance.

It was already around 9pm but of course, Korean culture was kept going at the time as well. people were drinking and eating some seafood or Korean traditional food at the outdoor seat with noisy talking. night culture in Korea is somehow noisy but make me relax as always since I feel humanity.

The smell flowing from each steal made us hungry and grabbed teoggalbi ( chop meat) and meat pancake which was actually a special set.

The owner was selling tteoggalbi from 2 pieces but we don't want to eat a and tried many so, they served 1 piece of 떡갈비 and pancake.

After filling up my stomach, started to explore around that big market like maize.

at the corner of somewhere, there was one art shop( seems like). we cannot say the artists are famous but each their masterpiece has character and shining.

through taking a look around the market, there is also another small gallery ( i am calling it art box)

each art exhibition place is sheltered only just by wall.

each exhibition is small but has a strong character.

you will feel like finding something new modern world in the traditional market.

chubby boy standing in front of the art was soo cute and cannot stand not to take pictures.

Every Saturday from 6pm to 11pm

There will be a concert or performance as well which I could not find at the time.

The market which is full of art was the best market for me ever.

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