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January 19th 2009
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My bamboo sword and wood sword for kendo. My real sword was sent to P'ohang to melt away under police permission 2 years ago.l
I went to Gangwon-do, south Korea to refresh my mind and body that had been exhausted by kids on this semester. now, I am on winter vacation-from 31st, Dec. 2008 to 4th, Feb.2009-. whenever I set free from elementary school kids, I used to travel here and there, around Korea. It is my vacation time that I looking for on my semester. It make me refresh my exhausted my mind and body due to struggle with elementary school kids.
I had a good time at Yongpyoung ski ground, Gangwon-do with my some alumni(my old boys) for 2 nights 3days, from 14th Jan. 2009 to 16th Jan. 2009. I enjoyed the highest level slope for high level skiers for the first time. It took 8 years to conquer the highest level slope for high level skiers for myself since 2000.
I enjoyed high speed and good landscape. whenever slope down with high speed from the peak(height 1,458m), I felt my mind and body been refreshed and pumping out endorphin-pain killer- from my hormonal system and It is certainly that my mind and body get much stronger owing to this skiing in winter season.
One alumnus of mine is a

my kendo clothes.
high level skier. I enjoyed skiing with him. I followed his route. He had a military service in a special forces, "special air borne battalion" comparing to "Rangers" or "Delta force" in American special army troops. He was good at skiing in wild and rough mountains in winter seasons. He trained this skiing skills in his military service. after his military service, He is now Korean language teacher in senior high school in Dae-gu. his major in university was "Korean language".
In south Korea, Because most of korean young men must have a military service, after completing this military service. they gained the shooting skill of automatic assault rifle(American M-16 or K-2, south Korean soldiers' personal assault rifle) and Takwondo-fighting with hands and feet-. for examples, My three brothers also did military service, My first brother, a head of his section for American insurance company, Met-life in Seoul, worked for the defending division head Quarter for Seoul. My second brother, a low rank official of education office of Gyeungsangnam-do, worked for the 50th defending army division for my home town, Gunwi. My younger brother, a middle rank official of national tax service in P'ohang city, worked for the 8th

My kendo clothes.
defending army division-a reserve division for forwarding to the front line- behind D.M.Z. for 2years 6months or 2years. they, all, have a good shooting skills and fighting skills. to my lucky, I was set free this military service due to the low mark of my eyesight. but I, personally, had trained Kendo-fighting with sword-for 3years, I would shoot handgun 20-30 bullets every year in handgun shooting range as my hobby since 2000. so I think I am strong and brave as much as my brothers.
By the way, I really enjoyed this skiing. and we had a good and meaningful conversation about our educational affairs with every dinners and soft liquor times at night. To my regret, on second day, one my alumnus broke his knee with his fault in the low level slope. we gathered emergency room to see him on skiing by emergent call. according to ski ground doctor's diagnostic view, "although his hurt is not severe, he had better sent to his hometown early than your schedule by ambulance to go to hospital." finally, he had been returned to his hometown, Youngju in Gyeungsangbuk-do one day earlier. we had a good time in Gangwon-do with a

My face mask for kendo.
skiing, good conversations and good foods, except for his accident.

P.S. Many important ski equipments-ski plates, ski poles, skj boots, ski bindings-are not made in my country. so this equipments, all, are imported from other country-Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, USA, other European countries-. my ski plates are made in Voekl company, Germany, my ski poles are made in Italy, my ski boots are made in Slovenia and ski bindings are made in Czech Republic. my ski equipment are multinational products of 4 foreign countries in Europe. I bought these equipments with economical price 2 years ago. although these equipments are not the latest fashion, I am perfectly satisfied with these ski equipments. they make me enjoy a safe and skillful skiing. Thanke! German, Italian, Slovene and Czech ski equipment engineers!

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My protector for my waist.

My chest protector.

My hempen hood in my face mask.

red line was my route for skiing
my old boysmy old boys
my old boys

the far right old boy was a real ranger. when he took a military service.

mountains in Gangwon-do.
on the peakon the peak
on the peak

before slope down.

1st February 2009

Good Sking
Hi, good luck in your holiday. it looks like a good place-John
6th February 2009

Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad that you are getting some use out of the crazy things I write. It is great to see your blog. I am considering started one in Korean also, or doing double entries to really jump into mÐ ... You definately inspire me to work harder. cnakfckfqnsotpy ”Ð0€´8”!
19th January 2013

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