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April 5th 2009
Published: April 5th 2009
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Cherry Blossoms!Cherry Blossoms!Cherry Blossoms!

The sidewalk at Suseong Lake.
This weekend we finally made it to Suseong Moht (Suseong Lake). We left pretty early and stopped at E-mart to buy a backpack and pick up some lunch. Then we got on a bus and headed downtown where we got on the subway, took the subway to Beomeo station, got in a taxi and finally arrived at Suseong Lake. This was a much less painful experience than the last time we made a trip that far (the lake is just a little bit further than Ariana Hotel). The lake (man-made) was really pretty since the trees, bushes and flowers around it are blooming. Everyone has been saying "Korea is a beautiful country". Well, from the time we arrived in the middle of February up until now, it did not look so beautiful. Everything was dead, dreary, and just ick. But now, with the trees and flowers blooming it is starting to look very beautiful indeed. I love watching the area where we live transform a little more everyday. Cherry Blossoms seem to grow everywhere here.

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Duck HuntDuck Hunt
Duck Hunt

These guys were chasing the duck around for a while. They lost.
Swan BoatsSwan Boats
Swan Boats

Our trusty swan boat.
U-turn LaneU-turn Lane
U-turn Lane

This is the U-turn lane. Yep, nevermind that it is in the middle of a six lane inner city highway. Details.

The area right outside of our apartment.

(this is kind of like Walmart, but much more evil).
E-mart Cherry BlossomsE-mart Cherry Blossoms
E-mart Cherry Blossoms

The trees actually make E-Mart look pretty.
Suseong MohtSuseong Moht
Suseong Moht

So many swan boats.
Crash landing?Crash landing?
Crash landing?

When we looked at google earth before we left for the lake we were like, "@(#*^$!, why is there a plane there? We were thinking, ok, maybe the plane just took off from Daegu airport. Incorrect. This full size plane just hangs out down there. Apparently it is a restaurant.
What a mess...What a mess...
What a mess...

I know this picture looks awful. That's why I took it. There was so much stuff all in one place with the best being the ridiculous plane restaurant in the background.
Suseong Amusement ParkSuseong Amusement Park
Suseong Amusement Park

More of the randomness at the end of the amusement park.
Swan love!Swan love!
Swan love!

These two boats look like they are going to kiss.

5th April 2009

It is becoming very pretty over there... the plane is sooooooo funny. Please tell me that you will eat there. and the swans are insane. lol.
9th April 2009

Is that a corndog in SUGAR?
21st April 2009

It is super pretty. I'm so stoked that you were in a duck boat.

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