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January 29th 2010
Published: February 15th 2010
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In January, much to my surprise, Miseon (the teacher whose wedding I went to last April) invited me to her younger brother's wedding. It was very much like Miseon's wedding with a few exceptions. One of the exceptions was that the father of the bride walked his daughter down the aisle. However, the bride and groom had still seen each other before the wedding since the groom had walked himself down the aisle right before the bride. The wedding hall was also very different. There was a raised aisle for the bride and groom to walk down, it kind of looked like a fashion runway. There were lights in the walls and on the ceiling that changed colors continuously. I was actually quite surprised that they left the lights on during the ceremony. The guests at this wedding were considerably less chatty and 'rude' by Western standards this time, although I still cannot get over the videographer's attire. Not only was he continually in their faces with the camera (blaring bright light included) but he was also wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. Wow.

The last two weeks of January I taught a conversation class to 15 students at my school every morning from 9-10:30. Although it was a lot of work and quite stressful to put together, it was also quite a lot of fun. The biggest project that I undertook was making a pinata for the kids to pulverize. I started making it on a Sunday and worked on it everyday for the next five days so that I could take it to school on Friday. The kids had never seen a real pinata before so they were really excited.

I've also included photos from when I taught the students some other party games that they hadn't heard of before. I was really surprised that they had never played pin the tail on the donkey, and unfortunately I think they were past the prime age for enjoying it. They more or less just tried to get their friends to miss the target as much as possible.

I've also posted photos from the final project that we did for a lesson on describing people. I told the students that their had been a murder (I showed them a picture of a donut laying murdered on the ground with the donut's friend screaming!). Then I gave each student one sentence about what the murderer looked like. To figure out who the murderer was, the students had to ask everyone what the murderer looked like so that they could piece together all of the murderer's characteristics and then make a suspect sketch. The kids did a great job! Can you guess who the murderer was?

Another fun game that we played involved one student choosing a location card from the pile. Then other students would ask what you can do in that place. Example: One student chooses 'movie theater'. Students ask, 'Can you study there?' 'No.' Can you eat there?' 'Yes.' Etc. until someone can guess what the name of the place is. Here are some of the highlights from that game:

Can you sleep there?
Is it the subway?
Is it the street?
The correct answer: bedroom.

Can you sleep there?
Is it the Post Office?
What?!? haha

The last thing that I have included pictures of was from my school's winter English camp. We showed the students some English TV commercials and did some exercises to teach them some common advertisement phrases. Afterward, we had them design advertisements for a product of their choice, real or imagined. Their posters were absolutely fantastic! Ranging from Low-cal noodles, to polar bear slippers, to doraemong, to moon-kist pineapples, to the moon! Sometimes my students truly impress me!

Additional photos below
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The Wedding HallThe Wedding Hall
The Wedding Hall

We got there a little early...
The CeremonyThe Ceremony
The Ceremony

Notice on the far left the videographer in his oh so formal attire

15th February 2010

very inventive!! Poor poor donut.

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